Rain Cloud in a Jar: A Memorable Experiment in Room 6

Introduction: This week in Room 6, our vibrant classroom dedicated to our incredible pupils, we embarked on an exciting journey to understand the magic behind rain clouds. Through the ‘Rain Cloud in a Jar’ experiment, our pupils experienced first hand the beauty of cloud formation and precipitation, making abstract concepts tangible and interactive.

Setting the Scene: The tables were adorned with clear jars, each waiting to hold its miniature sky. Pupils gathered around with twinkling eyes, eager to dive into the day’s experiment.

Materials We Used:

  • Clear jars for every pupil
  • Shaving cream
  • Blue food colouring
  • Water
  • Pipettes

Our Step-by-Step Adventure:

  1. Creating the Sky: Each jar was filled about three-quarters with water. This acted as our atmosphere, a canvas for our clouds and rain.
  2. Cloud Formation: Pupils added with some support, a dollop of shaving cream atop the water, giggling as the fluffy “cloud” floated.
  3. Rainfall Begins: A few drops of blue food colouring were mixed with water, and pupils, using their pipettes, gently added this mix onto their shaving cream clouds.
  4. Magic Unfolds: The room was filled with gasps and smiles as the blue “rain” seeped through the clouds and cascaded down into the jars, beautifully mimicking a rainy day.

Behind the Magic: We learned together that clouds in our skies hold water. When they can’t hold anymore, they release it as rain. In our experiment, the shaving cream represented these clouds, and the blue water was our rain. When the clouds (shaving cream) became too heavy, they let the rain (blue water) fall.

Moments of Joy:

  • Touch and Feel: Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed the tactile experience, from the shaving cream’s softness to the water’s coolness.
  • Visual Delight: Watching the transformation from a plain jar of water to a weather phenomenon was a treat for all eyes.
  • Learning Together: This simple experiment provided an avenue for understanding complex concepts, proving that learning has no boundaries.

Reflecting on Room 6’s Experience: Our ‘Rain Cloud in a Jar’ experiment was more than just an activity; it was a testament to our pupils’ boundless curiosity and capabilities in Room 6. While we dabbled with water, shaving cream, and food colouring, we uncovered lessons about patience, observation, and the wonders of nature. Here’s to many more weeks of discovery, learning, and joy!

Developing the Outdoor Space

Our Outdoor Learning team- Roddy and Sharon- have been working hard to develop our outdoor space. The latest addition is two planter benches. Lots of us have already enjoyed sitting in the sun on them. Room 6 worked hard to get the planters ready for planting by drilling drainage holes in the trays. Room 10 then filled the planters with compost ready for the plants to go in. We are very impressd with the work these classes have been doing. The planters look fantastic and we are very excited to see how things grow.

Well done everyone!

Celebrating Burns Night In Room 6

Room 6 had a great time on Tuesday 25th January. We learned about Robert Burns, listened and played along to Scottish songs, made a haggis from leaves, twigs and netting and made a thistle using bubble wrap, green paint and purple strips of cloth. We also learned a Scottish ceilidh dance, found out what happens in a Burns’ Supper, tasted Scottish food and then had our own Burns’ Supper in class with our very own piper Claire!!

Countdown To Christmas

Orchard Brae Advent Calendar: Day 10

Today we have another festive surprise for you to enjoy.

Join the pupils and staff in Room 6 for some Christmas fun and have a peek to see what is inside their Christmas presents!

Maths Week 2021

Last week it was Maths Week across Scotland. We asked classes to share work that they had been doing in Maths and Numeracy. Thank you to our Primary colleagues for sharing some of the lovely learning they engaged in.

Room 3 shared some of the work they’re doing across the curriculum, linking maths to early literacy skills and daily routine: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1JTPDvjQdOriDlqpK9OhsCArSnjucNP8rArHW6wRXDxc/edit?usp=sharing

Room 4 are exploring colour through their interdisciplinary learning.

One of our pupils in Room 6 is working on number recognition and counting.

Health And Wellbeing In Room 6

Pupils in Room 6 have been having fun participating in a range of Health & Wellbeing activities. We have been exploring the countryside, having foot spas for relaxation, and making jelly!!! One of our class also had a birthday last week so we had a party for her!!!

LIVE PE: Wednesday 24th Feb at 2 pm

We have big news this week! Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will have a LIVE PE lesson. To join us all you need to do is to check the ‘PE at Home’ class on Wednesday at 2 pm and there will be a link for the ‘Meet’.

You will need: comfy clothes and a willingness to have fun!

Amanda and Salvi look forward to seeing you!

The PE at home classroom on Google is updated weekly and the team are doing a great job in providing a range of activities to suit pupils of all abilities. These include Dance, Boccia, Orienteering, Scavenger Hunts (this week’s is a lovely sensory, texture hunt) and our regular PE with Salvi and Amanda, ably supported by our own Young Leaders in school.

Please ask your child’s class teacher for a link if you are not in the PE at Home classroom.

Countdown To Christmas

Orchard Brae Advent Calendar: Days 21 and 22

We hope that you enjoy the latest installment of the Orchard Brae Advent Calendar.

For Day 21, Room 4 are delighted to share how Diane, our art specialist, helped them to make the own Christmas tree decorations.

For Day 22, Room 6 bring you a sensory exploration of a Christmas light switch on.

A Busy Time In Room 6


Room 6 have a “story of the month” which we listen to after lunch. Last month’s story was The Gruffalo. Here we are colouring our Gruffalos, cutting them out and showing them to each other!

Get Well Soon!

We made “Hope you’re feeling better” cards for a special friend. We collected things at Outdoor Education and then chose what we wanted to put on our pictures. Then we wrote our names on our pictures and sent them to her.