Outdoor Education Ideas


If you’re looking for something to do during the day – don’t forget that spring is here!

If you have a garden, you can look for:
• Flowers starting to grow. Look at the colours of snowdrops and daffodils, as well as any other flowers you may have
• Leaves will start to unfold in trees, making the trees look green again
• Listen for birds in your garden – you can put any crumbs out for them and watch them enjoy the food
• If you have a bird feeder, give it a scrub, rinse it off then fill it up.

If you are inside, you can have a go at growing some plants from vegetable cuttings.

• Carrot tops will grow in a shallow tray of water, and once they sprout you can plant them outside to provide you with carrot greens. If you cut these, you can add them to salads. Just be careful cutting the tops with a knife – this is something best done by an adult.

• A shallow tray with some water in, kept away from direct sunlight with start to grown after about a week.
• Plant out once roots have grown, either in a pot, or in your garden
• Enjoy your carrot greens in a salad!

YouTube also has great clips showing how to grow an avocado plant from the stone. All you need is a small dish with water and 3 or 4 cocktail sticks. Once the roots and leaves have started to grow, you can put it in a pot and keep it inside.

There is a lot to see and do with nature at this time of the year. The animals and plants have been quiet all winter and now is the time they get ready to enjoy the summer weather.

Teacher of Outdoor Education
Orchard Brae School

Room 18’s Green Fingers

Room 18 have been developing their green fingers. We had a wonderful time planting bulbs and vegetables. We potted some bulbs by adding soil to the pots and putting the bulbs in them. We watered them and put them outside Howes Hoose. We have been checking on them and watering them, hopefully the spring weather will make them grow quickly! In Outdoor Education, we have also been planting carrot tops and celery to see if we can grow them from our snack leftovers.

Making Memories In Room 5

Today all the boys in Room 5 enjoyed a trip to Kirkhill Forest. We drove to the Forest park and had our morning snacking before embarking on our fun walk uphill forest walk.

All of the boys did their best, and displayed their strength and stamina as it was a good long walk with parts of the path covered in icky sticky mud and sparkly snow.

We took Bucky Bear with us and enjoyed making memories together.

Enjoying the Outdoors: Room 13 visit Burn O’Vat

On Friday Class 13 went on an all day trip to the Burn o’Vat near Dinnet.

We had a wonderful day out and the weather was excellent for exploring and walking.

There was also an information station on site which we found very interesting and informative.

We had a picnic, albeit on the bus, but we tidied up well afterwards!

A very pleasant day out was had by all!

Out and about with Alan in Outdoor Education

Room 8

Room 8 took part in a scavenger hunt at Duthie Park.  We were looking for various items, including fish, flowers and the big frog in the pond.

Some pupils were able to read the words and reinforce their numeracy skills by counting what they had to find.

Sadly, the turtles were being shy and we only saw 3.


Room 10

Room 10 pupils were exploring a farm path near Orchard Brae.  We were exploring to see what we could find.  Some of the pupils loved splashing in puddles so it was just as well they were wearing wellies!


Room 14

It was too cold to go out, so we did our outdoor learning indoors!

We looked at pictures of trees of trees silhouetted against a winter sunset, and then tried to recreate this on paper, using natural materials.

We used charcoal to rub over leaves and twigs to create the trees, then used various materials to make clouds.  We stuck this down on a dark blue background, which looked very effective!


Room 18

Room 18 have been helping to dig over the sandpit.

The sandpit needed to be raked and dug over.  We also needed to brush sand from the playground.  The class used rakes to move sand, and the progress was amazing. Sand was moved from the edge back into the middle, where it was needed.


Room 6 Explore The Local Community

Room 6 have been enjoying exploring the community this term.

We walk to the ducks daily and have seen the number of ducks increase from in the teens to 34.

We have a weekly visit to the library where we enjoy investigating the DVD’s, sensory box and looking at books.

We enjoy playing on the toys at the park in Sheddocksley and have enjoyed exploring the ice when walking to the horses.


Noodles, Reindeer and Remembrance in Outdoor Education

Room 19 have been looking at preparing food for our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.  We tested 2 different brands of noodles, and enjoyed eating them both.  Even those who were not sure, once they tried them, discovered that they were nice to eat.

We assembled and used a Trangia stove to boil water, and add then added to the dried noodles.  Part of our assessment will be making a hot meal, from scratch, using a stove.

We have also cooked sausages outside which were very popular.

This week we even made hot chocolate, heating up chocolate milk on a stove.

We all agree – food tastes better when cooked outside!


Outdoor learning has looked at using natural materials like grass, beech nuts and twigs to make textured animals.  We have made spikey hedgehogs from twigs. We also made soft fluffy reindeer for their fur, and small twigs to make their antlers.  Some of our reindeer also had a shiny red nose like Rudolph.


We also made poppies to celebrate Armistice Day out of heart shaped pieces of red paper.  We were using scissors, paint, different colours to recreate poppies in the wild.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Room 19

Room 19 are working on their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award this year. So far, we have chosen our physical activity and are working on basketball, table tennis and yoga.

For our skills section we are fundraising through our sandwich enterprise. We are also volunteering by helping out in classes with younger pupils and supporting an older gentleman in his home and garden.

In outdoor education, we have learned how to use fire sticks to light the gas for cooking with the trangia stove, all in preparation for our residential expedition next year.

Outdoor Learning: Transforming our outdoor learning space

Outdoor Learning space

Last term we asked the council to come and cut down the weeds, to make an area where we can set up outdoor learning.  They then delivered a large load of bark, which the pupils helped to take down to the newly cleared area.  This area will now be developed over winter, to have bug hotels and hedgehog houses.


Making animals with natural materials

We used beech nuts and twigs to make scary spiders for Halloween.  We used string to make the web, and then added our spiders.


Room 16 Make Bird Feeders

In October we made eco bird feeders, by coating pine cones in bird seed. It was a sticky job and took a lot of concentration.  The next day we hung some in the school playground and took the rest to hang up at the duck pond.  We then gave the leftover bird seed to the ducks.