Adventures with Room 18

We had a great time at the end of last term getting out and about and enjoying some trips!  We went to a Boccia tournament in Peterculter where we tried lots of different Boccia based games with children from lots of schools.  We went to a RSNO concert at the Music Hall where we heard the story of Gaspard the Fox and then we enjoyed a picnic at Duthie park. We were even lucky enough to try curling on the ice at Curl Aberdeen, we played lots of games and had a chance to try a mini match at the end!


Our pupils from Howes Hoose have taken part in the Nat 2 course Factors Affecting Performance. In this course they have been identifying what parts of the body are involved in different exercises and how exercise affects their body.

Pupils from Room 13, 16 & 18 have taken part in the Nat 2 course Taking part in Physical Activities. During this course they choose different activities that they would like to take part in, and they are learning about the equipment that they need for it as well as setting up and tidying up after using it.

Primary Gymnastics

During this term our Primary pupils have been working their balance and control through a Gymnastics block. They have experienced balances on the floor and on different equipment. They have also had great fun exploring different ways to roll and spin.

PE kit

PE kit works as an element of reference, facilitating the transition between the classroom and the hall. It also promotes and develops skills for life such as getting changed independently. A huge thank you to all families supporting us with PE kit (indoor shoes, t-shirt and shorts or joggers).

Physical Wellbeing this year

The PE department is transitioning from Physical Education to Physical Wellbeing. 

This term our focus is to regain and consolidate the physical skills that we were working on last academic year. 

  • Primary pupils are working different skills through stationary work. 
  • Secondary pupils are working both indoors and outdoors trying to take part in some of the events that we can see on the Paralympic Games.

There are no pictures this time, but we promise that there will be lots in our next post.