Sport Relief 2020

Many thanks to Amanda, Salvi, Sam and Scott for organising fun activities for us all to join in with to support Sport Relief 2020. We kicked off the morning with a select band signing up to Run a Mile. Thanks to Room 19 for braving the cold throughout our challenge, the spectators that cheered us on from the warmth of the classrooms and those that came out for playtime, supporting with cheers as we ran our loops. Each of us did 5 loops of the playground in total.

At lunchtime we enjoyed dance sessions with Sam. We all had lots of fun!

Finally, the whole school joined in for the afternoon to Walk a Mile with a Smile. We were grateful that the sun came out and warmed up the playground nicely for us. We also had some special visitors – the sumos!

Our day was just for fun, but we also received generous donations towards Sport Relief, raising a total of £165! Well done to everyone for taking part!

Bucky Bear Hosts A Picnic

On Wednesday all the boys in room 5, were invited to a picnic in Duthie Park. The picnic was hosted by the class bear Bucky! Bucky has been going home with the boys at the weekend to meet their family and have adventures with them. To say thank you he decided to host a picnic were all the boys could bring their favourite stuffed toys (even the staff brought theirs). Bucky and the boys all had an amazing time eating lots of different food and getting to meet their friend’s teddies. Bucky Bear had the best time ever as he loves getting to meet new people and go and lots of different adventures! He will remember this picnic forever and can’t wait to plan another one!

Exploring Tartans In Room 11

Last month, we had great fun participating in Robert Burns celebrations in class. The pupils spent time choosing different tartans to paint .

I chose the Black Watch which is very similar to my family’s tartan which we looked up too.

I chose the Royal Stuart tartan which apparently has rock’n’roll status and is worn by pop and glam rock stars.

I liked the Balmoral tartan which traditionally it can only be worn by those of royal lineage.

I fell in love with the MacLeod tartan which is bold, vibrant and commands attention!

Other pupils also liked the MacQueen tartan which is the most striking and with its links to the bold red tartans in Jacobite portraiture and it has taken a rebellious reputation!

Making Memories In Room 5

Today all the boys in Room 5 enjoyed a trip to Kirkhill Forest. We drove to the Forest park and had our morning snacking before embarking on our fun walk uphill forest walk.

All of the boys did their best, and displayed their strength and stamina as it was a good long walk with parts of the path covered in icky sticky mud and sparkly snow.

We took Bucky Bear with us and enjoyed making memories together.

Show The Love With The Climate Coalition

Pupils in school have been busy working with Diane, our art teacher, on an alternative Valentine’s project.  The project is part of the Climate Coalition’s ‘Show The Love’ campaign where people are encouraged to create green hearts to promote awareness of climate change and other environmental issues.  The artwork was made using recyclable materials and is now on display in the school foyer.

You can find out more about the campaign at:



Fundraising for the Archie Foundation

Room 14 have been learning about the Archie Foundation in the last couple of weeks. They decided they want to make and sell chocolate fudge to the staff to help the charity. Recently we went round all the classes doing a taste test survey to see if there would be interest in our product. It was a success – everyone said yes! We are looking forward to raising lots of money for a good cause!

Young Leaders Of Learning

The Young Leaders of Learning programme has been developed by Education Scotland with the aim of enabling and empowering pupils to have an increasing say in their education and school. As a school, we have been in the fortunate position of working alongside Maxine Jolly, Senior Education Officer for Education Scotland, in adapting the programme for use in ASN schools.

Yesterday, a group of secondary pupils participated in a training day at the Beacon Centre alongside colleagues and pupils from Bucksburn Academy ASN Wing.

The students worked together in identifying the key skills required to be an effective young Leader and had great fun designing their Leaders.

The students also spent time identifying and comparing key areas of the two schools and sharing their likes and dislikes.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be the first group of pupils and staff trained from specialist settings and we look forward to participating in the programme with Bucksburn Academy ASN Wing over the rest of this term.

Howes Hoose and Howes Road P.M. Nursery try the Fruit/Vegetable of the Fortnight

Our fruit/vegetable of the  past fortnight was apple and for the next two weeks is CARROT. All our classes are encouraged to serve this vegetable at least five times during snack to expose our children to fruit/vegetables and encourage them to have a taste. Our Howes Hoose group certainly enjoyed their apple and carrot and at the other end of the school our little ones in nursery are being exposed to and encouraged to taste the fruits/vegetables.

Assemblies In Drum Department

The pupils in Drum have been meeting every Monday morning for assembly.  We sit together in a circle and are becoming used to the routine.  We start by saying hello before singing favourite songs the classes bring.  We then explore a theme or story before finishing our assembly and saying goodbye.

Last week we explored Burns Night.  We dressed up in tartan, had a little taste of shortbread and oatcakes, sang Scottish songs and had a wee ceilidh!

This week we learnt about Chinese New Year and tried on some clothes, looked at artefacts, did some movement and then did a dragon dance.  We opened up some fortune cookies and shared what they told us!  Our youngest pupils in the school are in Drum and there is lots of learning in a busier environment where it is less predictable and noisier than our classrooms.  On top of that we get out of our seats to dance and are learning to return to them so well.


We have a great time learning together and there’s lots more assembly fun ahead!