Recycling with Room 2

The staff team and pupils in Room 2 are on a mission to further raise the amount of recycling which we do at Orchard Brae. We now collect the recycling which states that it must be recycled at supermarkets. If you have any of this recycling (often the bags which have multi-packs of crisps in them or fruit bags) please send them into school for us to collect.

Making Bird Feeders with Room 2

Bird Feeders

Aa part of our topic ‘Up in the air’ everyone in Room 2 worked together to make some simple bird feeders out of Cheerios.

We then hung them outside on the small trees in our class area and have been enjoying looking out the window at them trying to spot some birds.

Sadly we haven’t seen many birds but hopefully more will come to visit us.

Christmas Cooking

Today we had a fun and active festive cooking session with Liz. 

We worked together to measure out all the ingredients we needed before putting them into the food processor to mix. Using a switch we were able to take turns mixing everything together. Everyone did a fantastic job taking turns, smelling and touching the ingredients and actively participating in the baking process.

Looking For Autumn In Room 2

In Room 2 we love to go out in the community for nature walks, exploring the world around us and how things change with the seasons.

This week we enjoyed exploring the signs of autumn.

We found some conkers and enjoyed playing with their spiky shells before cracking them open to find the shiny, brown conker inside.

We also enjoyed collecting leaves that had changed colour from green to yellow, red and brown.

We took some back to class to investigate their texture and smell.

Life Cycles In Room 2

Room 2 has nurtured and carefully observed caterpillars build their cocoons and turn into butterflies. Today it was time to release the butterflies which we did in the natural environment of our Sensory Garden. We excitedly watched as our butterflies gained confidence in the open space and flew away to find new homes. 

Working Hard In Room 2

Room 2 pupils all enjoy learning at Orchard Brae School – look at the happy smiling faces we’ve managed to capture on camera. We’ve included evidence of our pupils achieving some of their targets as well as planned learning activities.

Collaborative Learning In Room 2

Room 2 pupils enjoy working collaboratively as our photos show. Look at the pupils’ independent skills, their level of engagement – all actively participating with very little support and their clear enjoyment of learning though our Three Little Pigs story. They have also been having fun with Bucket Time activities on a Friday… as we all know, having fun is very important!

Dancing In Room 2

This week Room 2 had the best dance class yet with Katie and her dance assistant. Our pupils showed interest during it, with all pupils participating actively at times and some pupils consolidating learning from previous classes, particularly during the cool down. Most importantly everyone, including the adults, had fun.