Life Cycles In Room 2

Room 2 has nurtured and carefully observed caterpillars build their cocoons and turn into butterflies. Today it was time to release the butterflies which we did in the natural environment of our Sensory Garden. We excitedly watched as our butterflies gained confidence in the open space and flew away to find new homes. 

Working Hard In Room 2

Room 2 pupils all enjoy learning at Orchard Brae School – look at the happy smiling faces we’ve managed to capture on camera. We’ve included evidence of our pupils achieving some of their targets as well as planned learning activities.

Collaborative Learning In Room 2

Room 2 pupils enjoy working collaboratively as our photos show. Look at the pupils’ independent skills, their level of engagement – all actively participating with very little support and their clear enjoyment of learning though our Three Little Pigs story. They have also been having fun with Bucket Time activities on a Friday… as we all know, having fun is very important!

Dancing In Room 2

This week Room 2 had the best dance class yet with Katie and her dance assistant. Our pupils showed interest during it, with all pupils participating actively at times and some pupils consolidating learning from previous classes, particularly during the cool down. Most importantly everyone, including the adults, had fun. 

Relaxing In Room 2

On a Tuesday afternoons, Room 2 pupils have been learning how to participate and engage in relaxation sessions as part of promoting their Health and Wellbeing.

During these sessions, we have explored using a range of activities and equipment to see which we prefer to help us relax.

This has included pulling the class blinds down and using sensory lights and blankets to change the lighting, yoga mats and PE mats to change the sensations of what we are sitting and lying on, and there is also relaxing music and imagery on our interactive board.

Some of our pupils have also enjoyed having a hand massage or a leg massage while others enjoyed the opportunity to just be on their own to help them calm and relax.