Salt Dough Crafting in Room 16!

One of our ASDAN modules this term is to make something using a new and different material so we made some salt dough decorations. We transferred the skills we usually use when making and playing with play dough to squish and roll out the dough. Then we used our cutters to cut out some fun shapes before using a straw to make a hole for hanging it up. It was so much fun squeezing the dough!

Then we practised our waiting skills because they took A LONG TIME to harden. We checked on them throughout the week and then finally, they were ready to paint. Instead of brushes, we made choices between using pompoms and pegs or our hands and fingers to apply paint to our decorations. Everyone did a fab job and I think the decorations turned out great!

Building Relationships In Room 16

Since the start of term, Room 16 have been busy building our relationships and routines together. We had lots of fun in the hot weather using the paddling pool and water guns to help us all cool down in the heat. We discovered that spraying each other with water was a great way to build friendships and trust with others as we asked for permission first. All pupils loved the chance to engage in water play.

We have also been engaging in Bucket Time which has really helped to capture everyone’s attention. We have done a great job learning the songs and have already been joining in singing loudly. We have enjoyed the exciting Part 2 activities, shown excellent turn taking in Part 3 and already shown great effort in the independent tasks of Part 4. 

30 Days Wild with Room 16

Room 16 have been taking part in 30 Days Wild, an annual challenge run by The Wildlife Trusts. We have to “do something wild” every day! With our pack we received a poster wallchart and cards with ideas we could choose from, and every time we do a “wild” activity, we write it on the wallchart and add a sticker. 

For this activity, we used some flowers to explore and print with. We discovered that the rose made an excellent paintbrush and some of the flowers and grasses made lovely patterns when we printed with paint. You can find more information on this initiative at .

Fun In PE With Room 16

Room 16 have had great fun at PE this term. We have been playing table football using switches to activate hairdryers that move the ball across to our opponent’s goal. Some of us have been climbing up steps, along benches and down a chute. We have also been playing tennis. Thank you to the PE staff for making our sessions fun every week!

Festivals in Room 16

Festivals in Room 16

Room 16 have had lots of sensory play to celebrate the Lunar New Year. As well as a visit from the Confucius Institute when we did lots of activities, such as calligraphy and making fish, we sponge-painted dragons and REALLY enjoyed exploring our sensory trays filled with rice, money wallets, special soup spoons and adapted chopsticks. We had great fun as a class playing a Chinese New Year themed game of Snakes and Ladders which we projected on to the whiteboard so everyone could see. Playing a game as a class was very successful – and competitive!

At the end of February, we found out about Mardi Gras parades and made our own masks while we listened to Mardi Gras music. We learned that the three Mardi Gras colours each stood for something:

Green = Faith

Purple = Justice

Gold = Power

Float or Sink? With Room16

We are looking at “Heavy and Light” in Numeracy through “Floating and Sinking”.

We took some classroom objects, predicted whether they would float or sink and plonked them into our basin of water. We then glued the results on to our worksheet.

Bucket Time Progress in Room 16

Room 16 have been taking part in Bucket Time this year which is based on Attention Autism. There are 4 stages to it which are worked through over the week several times. We have seen each pupils’ attention increase significantly across the year and are so impressed with everyone looking and listening to the activities so intently. Everyone’s favourite part is definitely part one where we look at and listen to lots of funny toys or items in the bucket. Anything that flies and makes a funny noise is always a winner in Room 16!


Our pupils from Howes Hoose have taken part in the Nat 2 course Factors Affecting Performance. In this course they have been identifying what parts of the body are involved in different exercises and how exercise affects their body.

Pupils from Room 13, 16 & 18 have taken part in the Nat 2 course Taking part in Physical Activities. During this course they choose different activities that they would like to take part in, and they are learning about the equipment that they need for it as well as setting up and tidying up after using it.

Science Week

Room 16 enjoyed celebrating Science Week last week by doing their own sensory experiment. We made our own lava lamps by adding Vitamin C tablets to oil and coloured water. We enjoyed the smell of the orange from the vitamin C, the sound of the fizzing and the sight of the bubbles coming through the layer of oil. It also gave us all the opportunity to practise our motor skills with pouring the water and oil. We shone lights underneath our lamps and put the lights out – they looked awesome!

Room 16 Random Acts of Kindness

Room 16 have been celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day this week! Everyone took a turn to choose a familiar member of staff they wanted to give a treat to. All the pupils made very clear choices! We then went round school to find the staff members and deliver their treat along with a message using a Big Mack switch. We loved seeing everyone’s reactions to their surprise treats. We also took the opportunity to learn the Makaton sign for kind.