Who’s Who

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Head Teacher: Elaine Thomson

Head of Early Learning and Childcare: Lesley Parker

Principal Teacher of Early Learning and Childcare: Heather Liebenberg

Head of Primary: Karen Gebbie-Smith

Principal Teacher of Primary: Amy Dunnett

Head of Secondary:  Clare Russell

Principal Teacher of Secondary: Naomi Farrimond

Principal Teacher PEF (ICT): Lorraine McLean 

Nursing Team

Nurse Practitioner and Trainer (Acting): Lyndzie Jeffrey

Support Nurse Practitioner: 

PSA Support: Grace Angus, Joyce Murray

Administration Team

School Administrators: Judith Adam and Muriel Ingram

School Support Assistants: Jean Horner, Nina Melvin and Holly Shand

Physical Education Team

Teacher: Amanda Burgess and Salvador Perez Manzano

Home Economics Team

Teacher: Gemma Hare

EYP: Liz Haig

Art Team

Teacher: Diane Jack

Peripatetic Team:

Teacher: Jenny Gray

Outdoor Learning Team:

Teacher: Roddy McKinnon

PSA Support: Sharon Banks

Specialist Instructors

Music Therapist: Emmeline McCracken

Drumming Instructor: Keith Bell

Active Schools Instructor: Scott Mitchell

Janitorial Team

Janitor: John Noble

Catering Team:

Catering Supervisor: Lynn McGee


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