School Information Line and School Closure Website

 Please find details of the Aberdeen City schools telephone information service for parents/guardians.  This is the Schools Information Line.

 The main features of this service are:

  1. Emergency Arrangements message for Parents/Guardians

To be used to inform parents/guardians of emergency arrangements and important announcements, e.g. early closure arising from adverse weather conditions/failure of heating systems.

  1. Voicemail for Recording non-urgent Messages from Parents/Guardians

The system also has the potential to record brief messages of a routine nature from parents/guardians.  You will be advised at a later date if this feature is to be activated.

  1. List of Messages containing School Information

This could hold routine information for parents/guardians, e.g. the times for a Parents’ Night, School Concert details, etc.

Parents/Guardians can access these features by dialling this National Rate number:

Tel: 0870 054 1999

 A Council message will be heard followed by a request for a six-digit PIN number specific to their child’s school.

The Pin Number for Orchard Brae School is     011890.

 Once connected, a voice will speak out the name of the school and a series of prompts will guide the caller to the appropriate option.  The cost of calls is no more than 10p/call (landline calls).  You can also check school closure status on the School Closure page on the Aberdeen City Council website. Please use the link below:

Covid-19 – Know The Symptoms

Thank you to all our families for their continued support and understanding throughout our return to school with regards to Covid-19.

We would like to remind parents and carers of the common symptoms and that pupils should not attend school if:

  • They are displaying any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 such as a high temperature (37.8C or above), a new continuous cough or a change in sense of smell or taste.
  • A member of the household has tested positive or is displaying symptoms.
  • They have been contacted as part of the Test and Protect programme.
  • If a pupil is returning from a country from which as are required to quarantine for 14 days. An up to date list of countries affected by this can be found at

Should you require to arrange a test for a your child or a member of your household, please follow the guidance given on the NHS Inform website and book a test via

We recognise that accessing a drive through test site or a home test kit may be extremely challenging for some of our pupils and if this is the case, you may be eligible for testing to be carried out at home by the NHS. If you require this, please email giving the pupil’s name, date of birth, full address, GP information and a brief explanation for special circumstances which require the need to be tested at home rather than through a home test kit or drive through test site.

We kindly ask that parents and carers keep the school informed of any testing being undertaken and the results by phoning the school on 01224 788950.

Big Pasta Creativity Challenge Day – Friday 18th June

Are you ready for our Big Pasta Creativity Challenge Day on Friday? There will be lots of fun activities posted on the Whole School Events google classroom and you can join in the fun at home and school.

If you cannot access the google classroom, please contact your child’s class teacher for support.

And to get you ready for the big day, why not have a go at the pasta rap song by following the link below!

Child Trust Fund Scotland virtual event: Tuesday 6th July at 7 pm

Individual Child Trust Fund accounts were opened for almost every child born in the UK between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011. At the age of 16, they are allowed to take control of their account, and at 18 to access their money.

Unfortunately, very large numbers of young people are wholly unaware of the existence and whereabouts of their CTF accounts, which are being administered by a range of account providers. It is the most disadvantaged who are least aware, most often because they are either ‘addressee gone away’ or the account was never registered by the family following its opening by HMRC.

Recent feedback from account providers shows that c. 58% of 18 year-old CTF owners have yet to claim their accounts: in Scotland that’s already over 25,000 young adults who already risk losing access to their accounts, which are typically worth £1,000 or more. The Share Foundation ( is the registered charity which runs the Child Trust Fund and Junior ISA schemes for looked-after young people for the Department for Education. They have set up a programme of large-scale virtual events for young people aged 16-18, and a search process ( linked to the account providers and HMRC, in order to ensure that as many as possible find their accounts. There are no charges – we just want to make the CTF scheme as effective as possible so that money set aside for young people does not end up as dormant assets.

These Zoom-based virtual events are being professionally co-ordinated, with pre-registration and recording, and they run for just over half an hour. They are being arranged with lots of participation, with break-out groups which include our CTF Ambassadors – volunteers who can explain and answer questions. New videos have been produced for the events, which are also accessible on YouTube.

For full details of the events, including links to the new videos, please visit A virtual event will be held for Scottish young people on Tuesday 6th July at 7 pm.


Numbers are limited for the events, but they will be running them each fortnight going forwards and the registration links for other events are included in the webpage above.

Foot Prints And Fun In Room 2

Pupils (and staff!) in Room 2 had a lot of fun painting feet and making footprints on paper. All our pupils showed interest in the activity and then actively engaged, focussing their attention as they placed their feet on the paper. A couple of pupils decided to slide along and one pupil ran along the paper. We discovered that there are few tickly feet in our class!

Exploring Movement In Room 9

Room 9 have been very busy this term exploring movement as part of their thematic work. Through their play they have been discovering the ways in which objects and toys move and learning about forces and their effects. As you can see, they had great fun investigating forces and their effects first hand and finding out the different ways they could make their bodies move at a recent visit to the park.

Planting and Growing in Room 12

This week we have been doing some growing to coincide with 30 Days Wild:

We have made some decoupage pots and will be planting something in them next week (possibly alpine strawberries if the cuttings take!)

We also planted bean pots inside a paper tube, with some beans on the outside. This means the plant will grow inside the tube but we also will see the roots growing on the beans on the outside.

We are then going on to make and grow cress caterpillars!

ASN Summer Holiday Camps

Booking goes live at 1 pm today for the ASN Summer Holiday Camp at Orchard Brae. Any families wishing to attend the summer holiday camp activities must book places due to Covid restrictions. Numbers for activities are limited so we would encourage early booking.

To book slots for your family, please follow the Eventbrite link:

Fun In The Sun With Room 10

Room 10 have enjoyed participating in a range of activities over the term. We’ve been orienteering around the playground with Scott, as well as discovering about how to care for plants. And finally, we can play in the sun, where we were sitting beneath the playground trees making our very own forest. Sometimes though, it’s just good to explore and play in the sand!

Sleep Scotland Workshop

Last week, Orchard Brae Connect were delighted to host a Parent Workshop in conjunction with Alyson O’Brien from Sleep Scotland.

In this informative session Alyson spoke about why we sleep, what happens when we don’t sleep, why we wake through the night and general ideas on how we can get a better nights sleep and she has kindly shared the following information booklet from Sleep Scotland.

There is also a mini version of the session available for those who were unable to attend the session and this can be viewed using the following link;

Sleep Scotland Online Session.

End of Term Events

We’ve lots of activities planned for the end of term. Please note 16th (or 23rd) June as we can dress up as Superheros for our MOVE/Potted Sports Day.

From Monday 14th June       

Caroline’s Treasure Hunt – Individual classes will organise to go on a special treasure hunt, but what special prize will they find at the end? 

Wed 16th/23rd June (weather dependant)             

MOVE/Potted Sports – MOVE and PE will provide a sporting/active challenge for all classes but remember this is also superhero day so dress as your favourite character! 

Friday 18th June                                                                        

Creativity Day lots of different activities all linked to pasta!  

Monday 21st June                                                                     

Leavers Ceremony for 2020 and 2021 leavers – digital invite to follow for parents and carers of these specific pupils. 

Thursday 24th June                                                                   

Picnic in the Park/Musical afternoon- This is our pupils’ tribute to Caroline, fine food and musical interludes. 

Room 13 Review the Year

Can’t believe that that’s another school year gone by!

It has been a very strange and unsettling year but we’ve all come through it, hopefully stronger and wiser for it.

The students wanted to post their favourite photo of themselves for the year, so here goes!

Wishing everyone a very happy, calm and well deserved holiday.

From all in Room 13