Sensory Activity Ideas

As you will be aware Google classrooms are being kept open over the holidays so should you wish to, you will be able to access the activities that were assigned to your child.  However, if you’re looking for something new to try, here are some of the sensory activities that pupils in the Hub have been enjoying over the last few weeks.  Have a wonderful summer break and have fun!

Under The Sea Sensory Play:

Jellyfish Tutorial:

Underwater Video:

Sensory Play Ideas:

Campfire Video:

Sensory Lights And Music Video:

Relaxing Background Music:

Tropical Fish And Sea Creatures Video:

Colorful Comets:

Cause And Effect (can be accessed via phones and tablets):

Edible Sand Recipe:

Other sensory recipes can be found at (free to join).

Wellbeing Supports For Parents, Pupils And Staff

On the school website, you will find links to documents and websites which you may find helpful in supporting yourself, your family and your child in preparing for returning to school. This is by no means an exhaustive list of resources and should you find anything you feel would be beneficial to share, please let us know.
These supports can be accessed using the link below or on the website through the OUR SCHOOL tab then COVID-19.

Bedtime Story – Friday 3rd July

Welcome to tonight’s bedtime story, the last one for this term.  We have been overwhelmed by the positive responses we have received about our regular bedtime story.  As we head into the summer holidays, we plan to upload a new bedtime story each Friday and Saturday night but you can always look back at our previous stories on our new Orchard Brae YouTube Channel.

If you would like to join in and record a new bedtime story to share, please contact Amy Dunnett (Principal Teacher Primary) for more information.

So get comfy and cuddle up because it’s time for a new Bedtime Story. Tonight’s story is…

This Is A Serious Goose (written and illustrated by Jimmy Kimmel)

Meet a very Serious Goose! There is nothing silly about this goose. You CANNOT make her laugh, so DON’T EVEN TRY! ….

Happy Holidays!

We would like to thank all of our pupils, families and staff for their hard work, enthusiasm and endless support over the last four months!  You have amazed us with your strength and resilience during a very challenging and difficult time.

Last night’s virtual prom was a wonderful way to say goodbye to our school leavers and we wish them all well for the amazing journeys that lie ahead of them.

We also have to say farewell to some staff members too as they leave us for pastures new.

We say a fond farewell to Niki Anderson, our Head of Early Learning and Childcare, who is retiring. Niki has been part of our community for many years both at Hazlewood and Orchard Brae. We will miss her very much but wish her every happiness in her retirement.

We also say goodbye to Sam Stephen, our dance and drama instructor, who is heading off for new adventures in London.  Thank you Sam for your endless enthusiasm and boundless energy and for organising an amazing virtual prom!  We wish you well for the future.

Cara Blackstock, PSA in Room 8 will be leaving us to train as a teacher and we wish her every success in her future career.

Tracey Catto, from the Admin team, left us at Easter but farewells then were overshadowed by events so we would like to wish her well in her future endeavours.

Goodbye also to Jacqui Clutten, who has been a children’s escort for 17 years and farewell to her fellow escort Connor Cadger.

But as we say farewell to what has been an unusual year to say the least, the staff at Orchard Brae would like to share a little something to brighten up your summer!



Virtual Prom 2020

We hope everyone enjoyed last night’s virtual prom.  It was an amazing evening full of fun and music.  Huge thanks to Sam Stephen for organising the event and arranging such a fantastic line up of guests!  It certainly made it a night to remember.

The event was live-streamed on our Facebook page and had over 600 views during the event!!  If you couldn’t manage to join in with our virtual prom last night, you can watch it below or on our Facebook page.

Google Classroom

The summer holidays are from the end of the school day on the 3rd of July until Tuesday the 11th of August.  The Google Classroom will remain open so you can access the activities which have already been posted but there will be nothing new until the new term starts.  Thank you for your engagement with Google Classroom so far and have a great holiday.

Music With Emmeline – Friday 3rd July

Here are today’s musical activities from Emmeline.

Musical Story: The Scarecrow’s Wedding

This week’s Musical Story is The Scarecrow’s Wedding by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Emmeline is going to read the very eventful story of Betty and Harry and at the end of the story is going to play the ‘Wedding March’ by Mendelssohn. This is a very popular piece of music for weddings and we are sure you will recognise it. If you would like to listen to the music again after the story here is a link for it.

Someone You Loved: Part 5 – Whole Song

Today we are going to be singing and signing all of Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi. We hope you enjoy singing and signing along! This is the 15th Makaton Song we have learnt during lockdown – well done everyone!

Good Luck to all our Leavers!

At this time of the term we would usually be preparing for our Leavers to leave school with all the celebration they deserve: lots of events, a party or two, an Awards Ceremony, some hand-shakes, hugs and a few tears! This year we cannot do this before the end of term, but we can say a huge and heartfelt Thank you to all our leavers and wish them good luck for the future.

Room 17

To all the wonderful pupils in Room 17 – Thank you! You have been an absolute pleasure and joy. Although I was only your teacher for a short amount of time, it was an absolute privilege to get to know all of you and to teach you. You have all worked hard this year and tried your very best. We couldn’t ask any more of you and we are all so very proud of you.

To the parents and carers, thank you for all your support this year, especially during these more recent times. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and hearing all about how our young people are getting on at home. I have especially enjoyed seeing all the photos and hearing about all the personal stories, and I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for sharing those special memories with me.

We are all really going to miss you. I wish each of you all the luck in the world and hopefully, I will hear from you again in the future and how you are getting on. Take care, from Ru and all of us in Room 17.


Room 19

To our young men – two years have flown by but that is what happens when you are having fun! For all staff in Room 19, it has been a joy and a privilege to work with you both and support your deserved progress. We have learnt together and my goodness we have laughed; both of you have such wonderful senses of humour which have kept everyone in Room 19 smiling – thank you! You should both be proud of your achievements and successes; you have faced fears, overcome challenges and made enormous progress throughout your time at school – you are stars!

To your Mums and Dads – thank you for your constant support. It has been lovely getting to know you and working in partnership with you has resulted in your wonderful sons achieving so much.

So, you are young men moving on to the next chapter in your lives; keep on believing in your abilities, keep on learning and keep on having fun!

We are so proud of you both! Good luck in the future and please remember to pop back and let us know about your continuing successes.

Be proud of yourselves and take care.

Miss S, Carol, Jill, Lisa, Noreen and Sharon.


Howes Hoose

To the pupils who have been in The Hoose I want to say a huge THANK YOU!! You have all been absolutely amazing. We have had some serious times and some silly times! We have worked hard but also had time to have fun. You have achieved so much and should be so proud of yourselves. You have grown into exceptional young people, young people who are able to meet a challenge and be as independent as possible. Each one of you has pushed yourself and taken on tasks I am sure you never thought you would do and I cannot tell you enough how proud we are of you all.

Also to you, the parents, thank you for trusting us with your most precious gifts. Without your support and faith we would not have been able to challenge the pupils and show them what they are capable of. Opening the door and letting our young people walk through is very scary, together we have given them the key.

So our Howes Hoose Heroes, you are ready to go, to open that door to the next stage in your life and make it your own!

You are all amazing, don’t ever forget that.

From all of us who have had the privilege to work with you over the last 2 years – Sharon, Catherine, Grace, Lynn and I, THANK YOU SO MUCH and good luck.

Missing you already!!



Music With Emmeline – Thursday 2nd July

Here are today’s musical activities from Emmeline.

Nursery Rhyme: Wind The Bobbin Up

Wind the Bobbin up is such a popular nursery rhyme with so many of our pupils. Can you join in. with the actions at home and point to the; ceiling, floor, window and door?

Someone You Loved: Part 3 – Verse 3

It is time today to sing and sign the last part of Someone you loved before putting the whole song together tomorrow. Here are the words.

And I tend to close my eyes when it hurts sometimes
I fall into your arms
I’ll be safe in your sound ’til I come back around.

Bedtime Story – Wednesday 1st July

Welcome to tonight’s bedtime story.  Every week night we will bring you a bedtime story for you to watch and listen to.  The stories are read by staff and pupils and we hope you enjoy seeing some familiar faces and hearing some familiar voices.

If you would like to join in and record a new bedtime story to share, please contact Amy Dunnett (Principal Teacher Primary) for more information.

So get comfy and cuddle up because it’s time for a new Bedtime Story. Tonight’s story is…

The Baby Who Wouldn’t Go To Sleep (written and illustrated by Helen Cooper)

“Bedtime!” said the Mother. “NO!” said the Baby. The Baby wants to stay up all night, so he revs up his car and sets off on an adventure. Before long, he finds himself all alone in a sleepy land. But there is someone else who’s not asleep.