Expressive Arts – Week Beginning 6th April

Our Expressive Arts team have been busy creating a range of videos for you to enjoy at home throughout the week.
They include art activities from Diane for you to copy, drumming and trash band from Keith and Emmeline for you to join along with, some cool dance moves from Sam for you to try at home and a story to listen to.

Once again, if you would like to share your photos and videos with our school community, please email:
Amy Dunnett (Principal Teacher Primary)

Art: Daffodil Foil Paintings

Art: Shadow Tracing

Drumming: Introductory Music

Trash Band:

Dance: High School Musical

Story: The Pig’s Knickers by Jonathan Emmett

Yoga With Hannah

Our yoga instructor, Hannah, has created five short videos for you to enjoy and join in with at home.

If you would like to share your photos and videos of your yoga sessions at home with our school community, please email:
Amy Dunnett (Principal Teacher Primary)

Yoga Video 1: Hello Song

Yoga Video 2: Mantra

Yoga Video 3: Butterfly Song

Yoga Video 4: Seated Sequence

Yoga Video 5: Lion’s Breath and Thank You Song

Music With Emmeline – Tuesday 7th April

Here are today’s musical activities from Emmeline.

Song: Ten Green Bottles

This is a slightly different version of Ten Green Bottles.  After each bottle falls there will be a crash, a bang and a tinkle, tinkle, tinkle.  I am going to do this with a bell, drum and windchimes but you could do this at home with a pan, a plastic bowl and a set of keys or anything else you can think of at home or you could even sing the parts instead.

You could also print out or draw ten green bottles or recycle any you have at home to practise counting down.

Canny Shove Yer Grannie off a Bus: Part 2 – Verse 2 & Chorus

Today we are going to learn another verse of You Canny Shove yer Grannie off a Bus;
Ye can shove yer other grannie off a bus
Ye can shove yer other grannie off a bus
Ye canny shove yer other grannie
Cause she’s just yer Daddy’s mammie
Ye can shove yer other grannie off a bus

Music With Emmeline – Monday 6th April

Here are today’s activities from Emmeline.

Vocal Warm-Up: The Magic Pencil
This week’s vocal warm-up is going to be The Magic Pencil. The idea is to make imaginary drawings with the pencil and copy these with your vocalisations. If you are with other people you can pass the magic pencil in a circle continuing its music as it goes.
This is Emmeline’s favourite vocal warm-up!

Canny Shove Yer Grannie off a Bus: Part 1 – Verse 1 & Chorus
This week we are going to be learning the Makaton for another favourite Scottish Song; ‘Canny Shove Yer Grannie off a Bus’.
Today we are going to learn the first verse of the song and the chorus:

Ye canny shove yer grannie off a bus

Ye canny shove yer grannie off a bus

Ye canny shove yer grannie
Cause she’s yer mammie’s mammie
Ye canny shove yer grannie off a bus


Happy Birthday!

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to our pupils who are celebrating their special day next week.

Here is a very special song to each of you from our Music Therapist, Emmeline – trust me you wouldn’t want to hear the rest of us sing!

We hope you all have a wonderful day.

6th April

7th April

Easter Activities

This is a list of Easter Activities ideas, which can be adapted to your child’s needs.  They are suitable for the whole family.  Remember to take time to enjoy the sounds, smells, sensations as you go


  1. Parachute games – get some small teddies or balls and a blanket. Everyone holds the blanket and shakes, quickly, slowly, in time with a song, can you make the toys bounce or roll towards people


  1. Decorate boiled eggs – poster paint or felt tips or cut out bits of coloured paper and stick them on


  1. Rolling eggs – in whatever outdoor space you have or take them on your daily walk/jog


  1. Upcycle some eggs – use cardboard from the recycling bin like a cereal box or pizza box, open it out and paint/draw / scribble inside, before cutting it into an egg shape. You might want to stick it in your window for others to see.  Or you might want to do lots and have an egg hunt in your house


  1. Bunny hop races – your garden who can go fastest / furthest / highest


  1. Egg and spoon race – use a ball and soup ladel if you are worried about the mess


  1. Easter Songs – have an old fashioned singsong with Easter/animal theme – e.g. Peter Rabbit’s got a fly upon his nose. Why not learn the Makaton version


  1. Easter Movie


  1. Edible Bird’s nests – make chocolate and cereal birds nests


  1. Birds nests – collect twigs when out on your walk, when you get home use an old container e.g. margarine tub, snap the twigs into small pieces, enjoy the feel and sound they make. Maybe make a Bird from a pine cone (draw eyes and wings on paper and stick them on) or maybe you will be lucky enough to find feathers on your walk.


  1. Easter colouring online –


  1. Peter Rabbit Masks –


  1. Cut out a large egg shape from old cardboard and use coloured paper or clean food wrappers cut up into pieces to make a collage’s Easter egg, if its big all the siblings can do it at the same time


  1. Decorate some biscuits – some supermarkets sell gingerbread kits to decorate.  But Digestives and shortbread work just as well!


15. Activity Village have a range of free activity packs for different age ranges including Easter and Spring activities

(Normally a subscription is necessary)


16. Stop and listen to the birds on your walk – they are particularly noisy at this time of year


17. Spot the spring flowers on your daily walk – notice the shape, smell, size colour, number of them.  Are they Daffodils or crocuses or Tulips


18. Have an Easter egg hunt, indoors or out in the garden.


For older students with SUPERVISION

19. Boil eggs

20. Help prepare the Easter meal

21. Toast and spread hot cross buns

Outdoor Education Ideas


If you’re looking for something to do during the day – don’t forget that spring is here!

If you have a garden, you can look for:
• Flowers starting to grow. Look at the colours of snowdrops and daffodils, as well as any other flowers you may have
• Leaves will start to unfold in trees, making the trees look green again
• Listen for birds in your garden – you can put any crumbs out for them and watch them enjoy the food
• If you have a bird feeder, give it a scrub, rinse it off then fill it up.

If you are inside, you can have a go at growing some plants from vegetable cuttings.

• Carrot tops will grow in a shallow tray of water, and once they sprout you can plant them outside to provide you with carrot greens. If you cut these, you can add them to salads. Just be careful cutting the tops with a knife – this is something best done by an adult.

• A shallow tray with some water in, kept away from direct sunlight with start to grown after about a week.
• Plant out once roots have grown, either in a pot, or in your garden
• Enjoy your carrot greens in a salad!

YouTube also has great clips showing how to grow an avocado plant from the stone. All you need is a small dish with water and 3 or 4 cocktail sticks. Once the roots and leaves have started to grow, you can put it in a pot and keep it inside.

There is a lot to see and do with nature at this time of the year. The animals and plants have been quiet all winter and now is the time they get ready to enjoy the summer weather.

Teacher of Outdoor Education
Orchard Brae School

Music With Emmeline – Friday 3rd April

Musical Story: We All Sing with the Same Voice by Philip Miller and Sheppard Greene 

 This is a lovely story with a very kind message. We thought about doing our own version of this story but the sung version by children around the world is unbeatable. You can watch and listen to it from the link below;

If you would like to hear the story alone, Emmeline has read the story without the music in the video below.

Touch the Sky: Part 5 – The Whole Song!

It is time to sing and sign all of ‘Touch the Sky’ together! Good Luck everyone.

Music With Emmeline – Thursday 2nd April

Here are today’s musical activities from Emmeline.

Let’s Make Music Together Today

 Today’s Musical activity is called ‘Let’s Make Music Together today’. The aim of this song is to allow everyone an opportunity to do some solo playing and then all join in to play together again.

The first verse which everyone plays along with goes;

Let’s make music together today, 

What can we sing and what can we play, 

We’re making music together today. 

We can sing and we can play. 

In the next verse it is time for someone to take their turn to play on their own;

Let’s make music together today, 

What can we sing and what can we play, 

(Emmeline’s) playing the (shaker) in music today, 

Let’s all listen to Emmeline play.

After this verse everyone joins in again until it is the next person’s turn. You can finish the song by singing;

We’ve made music together today. 

We can sing and we can play!

 Touch the Sky: Part 4 – Verse 

Hello everyone, today we are going to learn Verse 3 of Touch the sky before we put the whole song together tomorrow!

I will hear their every story
Take hold of my own dream
Be as strong as the seas are stormy
And proud as an eagle’s scream.