Covid-19 – Know The Symptoms

Thank you to all our families for their continued support and understanding throughout our return to school with regards to Covid-19.

We would like to remind parents and carers of the common symptoms and that pupils should not attend school if:

  • They are displaying any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 such as a high temperature (37.8C or above), a new continuous cough or a change in sense of smell or taste.
  • A member of the household has tested positive or is displaying symptoms.
  • They have been contacted as part of the Test and Protect programme.
  • If a pupil is returning from a country from which as are required to quarantine for 14 days. An up to date list of countries affected by this can be found at

Should you require to arrange a test for a your child or a member of your household, please follow the guidance given on the NHS Inform website and book a test via

We recognise that accessing a drive through test site or a home test kit may be extremely challenging for some of our pupils and if this is the case, you may be eligible for testing to be carried out at home by the NHS. If you require this, please email giving the pupil’s name, date of birth, full address, GP information and a brief explanation for special circumstances which require the need to be tested at home rather than through a home test kit or drive through test site.

We kindly ask that parents and carers keep the school informed of any testing being undertaken and the results by phoning the school on 01224 788950.

Updated Covid-19 Risk Assessment – 27th October 2020

Please find below an updated version of the Orchard Brae Covid-19 Risk Assessment which reflects further advice and guidance received from Health Protection Scotland and Aberdeen City Council. All updates have been highlighted in green.

Aberdeen City Council have also published a ventilation flowchart for schools.

Both of these documents can also be found on the Covid-19 website page.

Exploring The Grumpy Duck In Room 3

Room 3 have been learning about our emotions and working on our movement skills through the context of the story ‘Grumpy Duck’.  Poor duck is grumpy because her pond has dried up and a little grey cloud appears above her head.   She goes on an adventure and meets other animals….the dog who digs mud and wags his tail, the pig who rolls in the smelly puddles, the noisy cockerel, the bunny who hops, the sleepy tortoise, the goat who chews all the clothes….none of these are things duck wants to do so the little grey cloud gets bigger and bigger until everyone is feeling sad.  Eventually the cloud bursts so the water from the rain fills up the pond!  All the animals are happy singing and dancing in the rain before seeing a beautiful rainbow.

We have explored a sensory story of Grumpy Duck in our drama sessions where we have explored props for each part of the story.  Our favourite part is the magic plastic dust sheet which flies up in the air like the cloud…. Unfortunately no photos as it needs all hands on deck!

We have done Story Massage sessions around the story so we could feel the different emotions on body.  These were relaxing sessions but some amazing concentration too! 

We did our music and MOVEment sessions themed around the different animals.  We did some hopping like bunnies, stamping like the duck, moving our heads like the goat and rolling like the pig, this was a definite favourite!

The boys and girls in Room 3 have worked extremely hard this term, lots of fun but incredible learning at the same time.  We finished the term with celebrating the birthdays of two of our girls.  Have a fantastic holiday everyone!

24 Hour Walk/Run Challenge

On Friday the 6th of November, we will be undertaking a whole school challenge to raise money to purchase at least one of these bikes.

All the pupils at Orchard Brae will help us to complete this challenge. Every class will be allocated a 30 minutes time slot from 10 am until the end of the day to walk around the School Playground. Then Orchard Brae Staff will continue with the challenge over night until 10 am on Saturday completing the 24 Hour continuous Walk/Run challenge.

Some senior pupils and their staff teams have already started their own fundraising activities. In the video below senior pupils explain how much they have raised so far and a little bit more about the bike we are hoping to purchase.

After the October holidays further information will be shared on how to make a donation for this cause should you wish to.

Many thanks,

PE Department

Room 17: Planting Daffodils

Although it is only the start of autumn, Room 17 have been busy preparing for spring this week by planting our own daffodils. We started by watching some videos about how to plant daffodils. Then we planted our own, enjoying the full sensory experience of the process. When we come back after the holidays, we will take responsibility for our own pots by watering them regularly. We look forward to seeing the results of our hard work in the spring time!

‘Coronavirus’ – a Poem by Room 19

Today at our Virtual Assembly, Room 19 shared a poem with us. I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s a brilliant creative effort!


Coronavirus is living beside us​
Here are some rules to guide us​​

Let’s be smart and stay apart​
Catch your sneeze if you please​
To wear you mask, is no big ask​
Do your best to keep left​​

Coronavirus is living beside us​
Here are some rules to guide us​

Get oot ma face, respect ma space​
No sharing bogies, no giving bosies​
Don’t be a chump, do an elbow bump​
Don’t be a gype, use a wipe​

Coronavirus is living beside us​
These rules are new, but do not whine​
Do all this and you’ll be fine!​

Support For Families

Here are some potential sources of support which families can access. 

  • Aberdeen City Council Support Line.  The Support Line operates from 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.  Colleagues at the Support Line can offer a range of welfare advice, emotional support and help with food or prescription collection for example and can be contacted on 0800 0304 713.  The Support Line is of great benefit to families who are advised to self-isolate. In addition to this the Council has a range of further information and resources online to assist at  

Autumn in Rm 11

Children in Rm 11 have been having lots of fun discovering signs of autumn. They have been participating in art sessions in class, going for walks and enjoying listening to sensory stories. We have been loving listening to the story about Ned, the hedgehog, who was looking for his home. Some children have been learning MAKATON signs e.g. home, go, big and trying to say them too!

Some of them have been experiencing on body signs and showing their enjoyment through body language and facial expressions.

All the children (and staff) loved experiencing smells and sounds of the autumn.

Signs of Autumn

Some of us have been looking for signs of Autumn when we’ve been out and about. We’ve noticed the weather changing a little – while we’ve had some sunny days, there’s also a chill in the air. The autumn colours are starting to appear and we notice the trees changing colour, both in our playground and in the community. Lots of beautiful orange, red and yellow. Some of us have made autumn pictures using the leaves we’ve collected.

We have also enjoyed some relaxing music:

Room 7 Make A Scarecrow And Try New Foods

Some of the residents around Northfield have been making scarecrows to put in their garden for local children to spot during the October holidays, so room 7 decided to get involved! During our Outdoor Education session this week, the boys helped to stuff an old tracksuit with straw which was a great sensory experience, then they make a head from old plastic bags and fabric and put a wig on the top. We haven’t quite decided on a name yet but see if you can spot her on your way past school over the next couple of weeks!

If you and your child would like to take part in the hunt, keep an eye on the Scarecrow Hunt Aberdeen Facebook page for the full list of Scarecrows

We have also been trying lots of news foods during snack time, especially fruits and vegetables. We have had raw and stewed apples which we loved with vanilla yogurt. During carrot fortnight we grated carrots and practised lots of skills to use the grater but we didn’t like eating the result. We made carrot and cheese muffins with the grated carrot which were delicious though! This week we have tried pears which only some of us liked. We have also tried beetroot, avocado, figs and baby corn.