Futures Event

Thanks to all parents, carers and partners for supporting the Orchard Brae Futures Event last week. It was great to be back in person for this annual event and there was a lovely buzz in the hall as you took the opportunity to network and chat informally to the providers in attendance. The presentation from the event is below. Feel free to get in touch if you wish to discuss anything further.

Maths Week 2021

Last week it was Maths Week across Scotland. We asked classes to share work that they had been doing in Maths and Numeracy. Thank you to our Primary colleagues for sharing some of the lovely learning they engaged in.

Room 3 shared some of the work they’re doing across the curriculum, linking maths to early literacy skills and daily routine: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1JTPDvjQdOriDlqpK9OhsCArSnjucNP8rArHW6wRXDxc/edit?usp=sharing

Room 4 are exploring colour through their interdisciplinary learning.

One of our pupils in Room 6 is working on number recognition and counting.

Homemade Ice Cream: Is there no end to Room 19’s culinary expertise?

In all this hot weather we have been experimenting with cool summer treats.  The flavoured iced tea did not go down well with pupils.  Shouts of “disgusting” and “Gads” were heard all down the corridor.  Making our own ice cream went marginally better until we burst the bag and the salt mixed with the ice cream mixture.  So the following week we just got ice cream from the supermarket!  IF you want to try making your own ice-cream follow the link here:

Happy summer holidays everyone! May your holidays be filled with ice-cream! 

School Leavers

This week we had the opportunity to say a fond farewell to our school leavers from both Session 2020-21 and last year, Session 2019-20. Due to the current restrictions that we’re operating under we were unable to have the send off we’d hoped for, but we made the best of it in true Orchard Brae style. Our Howes Hoose team and former Howes Hoose staff went out and about on a delivery run. Then we had a virtual Leavers’ Ceremony online to celebrate the success of all of our Leavers. A great effort from everyone involved. Thank you!

Room 14 Pasta Extravaganza

What happened if you mix music, pasta, and a huge drum?

Turns out, pasta can dance!

Room 14 found out during our Pasta Extravaganza.

We attached loudspeakers to the underside of a large drum covered in pasta and used the computer to create music. The boys all did really well and enjoyed feeling the vibrations through the drum and watching the pasta dance.

Well done!

Planting and Growing in Room 12

This week we have been doing some growing to coincide with 30 Days Wild:


We have made some decoupage pots and will be planting something in them next week (possibly alpine strawberries if the cuttings take!)

We also planted bean pots inside a paper tube, with some beans on the outside. This means the plant will grow inside the tube but we also will see the roots growing on the beans on the outside.

We are then going on to make and grow cress caterpillars!

ASN Summer Holiday Camps

Booking goes live at 1 pm today for the ASN Summer Holiday Camp at Orchard Brae. Any families wishing to attend the summer holiday camp activities must book places due to Covid restrictions. Numbers for activities are limited so we would encourage early booking.

To book slots for your family, please follow the Eventbrite link:


End of Term Events

We’ve lots of activities planned for the end of term. Please note 16th (or 23rd) June as we can dress up as Superheros for our MOVE/Potted Sports Day.

From Monday 14th June       

Caroline’s Treasure Hunt – Individual classes will organise to go on a special treasure hunt, but what special prize will they find at the end? 

Wed 16th/23rd June (weather dependant)             

MOVE/Potted Sports – MOVE and PE will provide a sporting/active challenge for all classes but remember this is also superhero day so dress as your favourite character! 

Friday 18th June                                                                        

Creativity Day lots of different activities all linked to pasta!  

Monday 21st June                                                                     

Leavers Ceremony for 2020 and 2021 leavers – digital invite to follow for parents and carers of these specific pupils. 

Thursday 24th June                                                                   

Picnic in the Park/Musical afternoon- This is our pupils’ tribute to Caroline, fine food and musical interludes.