Lots of Learning in Room 14

In Room 14 we have been working really hard this term and enjoying a range of learning opportunities.


Home Economics

In HE we practise literacy through following recipes, practise our number skills in a practical context, and learn about healthy eating. We enjoy cooking and taking home what we have made to share with our families. Our HE instructor is very good at adapting things to ensure that everyone can be involved.


Literacy and Communication

We have regular opportunities to practise our communication skills and often move around the school to interact with other people and practise our skills outside the classroom. We also enjoy books and are encouraged to read for pleasure.



We have been investigating the properties of materials. We enjoyed mixing cornflour and water. If you’ve never tried it, you should – it’s great fun and a very interesting learning experience!



Some of us have been practising our money skills. We have enjoyed setting up a play shop in class.


Life Skills

We’ve also been doing jobs around the school and practising life skills, such as recycling and looking after our homes.



We’ve continued to enjoy our PE sessions. We all like being active!

A Day of Culture in Room 18

We had a very busy day yesterday! In the morning we had a session with Scottish Ballet. They are performing The Snow Queen at HMT this week, and we were able to join in and learn about the performance through music, storytelling and multi-sensory play. All the classes that visited through the morning thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Then in the afternoon, we had a Ceilidh to celebrate Burns Night. Our teacher, Naomi, performed in the new Orchard Brae band, ‘A Bunch of Apples’, along with Emmeline (Music Therapist), Keith (Music Instructor) and Alan (Outdoor Education Teacher). The band played well, and alongside our Makaton Choir we had a rare old shindig! Lots of dancing and so much fun for everyone in school, with our PE team having supported us well in the run up to the event, practising a range of dances with us.

We also enjoyed an early Burns lunch, with mince, neeps and tattties for lunch for those that fancied something traditional and a vegetarian option as an alternative. Hope you enjoy yourselves if celebrating Burns this weekend!


Visiting Neighbours at the Heathryburn Community Cafe

Every Tuesday Room 16 pupils and staff go to the Heathryburn Primary School Community Café.  As well as having a snack, a small group of Primary 7 pupils join us to play card games and board games.  Last week we decorated T-shirts.  We really enjoy going and have learned a lot being there.

Everyone is welcome in the Community Café from 2pm – 3:20.  Entry by the main school door.  Maybe see you there!

Maritime Museum Visit

Last Monday, Room 17 visited the Maritime Museum. We had a lovely snack in the café before exploring each floor of the museum. Pupils were engaged with the interactive displays around the museum and enjoyed the learning experience that each display had to offer. We found lots of interesting areas to explore in the museum and even had fun dressing up! As we were leaving, staff from the museum commented on how well behaved we all were.

Room 12 Sensory Story

The children of room 12 enjoyed their sensory story this week, “Kofi and the Magic Shaker”. We got to see, feel and hear crickets, birds and a very large, hairy spider! He had a very friendly face and smile though, so we weren’t frightened! We used a large leaf fan to feel the breeze and felt the heat and shape of Africa with our assorted props. We even walked on the sand with our flip-flops.

Orchard Brae Clothing Exchange

Thanks to everyone that has sent in items for our Clothing Exchange. Please remember that you’re welcome to pop in and browse any time. It’s a great way to save money and help the planet by passing things on that our children and young people have grown out of.

We’ve got clothing in a wider range of sizes now. All sizes of clothing are welcome as our pupils go from age 3-18.

Happy New Year from Room 13

Everyone in Class 13 would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year.

Before the end of term we had a visit from a very special person who even left gifts for us! We all received new P.E. kit bags and touries!

We then had a Christmas dinner in class and everyone had a great time although we did over indulge. So much for healthy eating!

Here are some photos of our festive fun.

Out and about with Alan in Outdoor Education

Room 8

Room 8 took part in a scavenger hunt at Duthie Park.  We were looking for various items, including fish, flowers and the big frog in the pond.

Some pupils were able to read the words and reinforce their numeracy skills by counting what they had to find.

Sadly, the turtles were being shy and we only saw 3.


Room 10

Room 10 pupils were exploring a farm path near Orchard Brae.  We were exploring to see what we could find.  Some of the pupils loved splashing in puddles so it was just as well they were wearing wellies!


Room 14

It was too cold to go out, so we did our outdoor learning indoors!

We looked at pictures of trees of trees silhouetted against a winter sunset, and then tried to recreate this on paper, using natural materials.

We used charcoal to rub over leaves and twigs to create the trees, then used various materials to make clouds.  We stuck this down on a dark blue background, which looked very effective!


Room 18

Room 18 have been helping to dig over the sandpit.

The sandpit needed to be raked and dug over.  We also needed to brush sand from the playground.  The class used rakes to move sand, and the progress was amazing. Sand was moved from the edge back into the middle, where it was needed.


Cinema Outing for Room 16

On Thursday we went to the cinema to see “Playing with Fire.”  It was funny and silly. Michael and Sam laughed the most.  Shay and Ella enjoyed the popcorn.

We went on bus number 11.  The drivers were very helpful.  Gracjan was talking to people on the bus.  Abdur and Lewis helped buy bus tickets.

We had a great post-Christmas treat.