24 Hour Walk/Run Challenge

On Friday the 6th of November, we will be undertaking a whole school challenge to raise money to purchase at least one of these bikes.

All the pupils at Orchard Brae will help us to complete this challenge. Every class will be allocated a 30 minutes time slot from 10 am until the end of the day to walk around the School Playground. Then Orchard Brae Staff will continue with the challenge over night until 10 am on Saturday completing the 24 Hour continuous Walk/Run challenge.

Some senior pupils and their staff teams have already started their own fundraising activities. In the video below senior pupils explain how much they have raised so far and a little bit more about the bike we are hoping to purchase.

After the October holidays further information will be shared on how to make a donation for this cause should you wish to.

Many thanks,

PE Department

Signs of Autumn

Some of us have been looking for signs of Autumn when we’ve been out and about. We’ve noticed the weather changing a little – while we’ve had some sunny days, there’s also a chill in the air. The autumn colours are starting to appear and we notice the trees changing colour, both in our playground and in the community. Lots of beautiful orange, red and yellow. Some of us have made autumn pictures using the leaves we’ve collected.

We have also enjoyed some relaxing music:

What Have Room 10 Been Making?

Outdoor Learning: We took a walk around the school grounds and collected items as the children saw them.  We came back to class to make ‘Natural Things’ panels, which you can see us making in the photographs.  We will use these panels to decorate our outdoor area.

Making instruments in Science and Music: We are making our own xylophones, one of which can go outside as it has been made from drainpipes.  We have rolled and used Sellotape, we have tapped to hear the different sounds we could make with our rolls.  We have used string to make knots. We are going to use some of our own instruments in class music and see what difference size and volume can make to notes and pitch.#

Back to Nursery

Our morning and afternoon nursery children at Howes Road have been very busy since starting Nursery this term. Many have been showing an interest in vehicles and we have been listening to stories and songs about cars, buses and other things that help us to move around. A favourite song is ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and great fun has been had playing the desk bells which sound like the bell on the bus. Some children have been using vehicles in the paint and looking at their tyre tracks. Others have been exploring the paint with their fingers. The garage and toy cars have proven very popular as the cars go up and down ramps whilst some children have been exploring cause and effect steering wheel toys or completing puzzles.

We also made lots of playdough as part of a group and have been using transport cutters to make shapes of planes, cars, trains and motorbikes. Some have been rolling the playdough in their hands and squeezing it as it is lovely and soft. 

We have had fun in the nursery garden, watering the flowers when it has been sunny and jumping in the puddles when it has been raining. 

Return to nursery

All the returning children from Orchard Brae at Ashgrove have settled well since starting back in August. We have been able to welcome new children to our Nursery and it has been great to see how quickly they have adapted to their new setting. They all appear to be enjoying and becoming familiar within the Nursery environment.

We have been doing lots of sensory activities with painting, gloop and shaving foam. We have also been making vegetable and fruit printing pictures. We have been planting our spring bulbs and enjoying what remains of the “summer weather.”

As the trees are now beginning to change colour we have been exploring this concept as we go for walks in the local community. Some of the children have shown great interest in our apple and plum trees which grow in our outdoor play area and have been collecting them. We have used some of the plums for our snack. Next week we are planning to use the apples to make apple pie.

The staff team at Ashgrove are all looking forward to working with the children and supporting them throughout their time with us. 

Our Sensory Garden

We were overwhelmed by the response we had to our sensory garden appeal. The donations of resources, time and money have helped to make a unique and already well loved area for our pupils to enjoy and explore.

A huge extra special Orchard Brae thanks to:

  • The Little City Garden – design and landscaping
  • Gerbera Designs – landscaping
  • James Gettka – landscaping
  • Morrison Construction – access path
  • Mike Bruce – path
  • James Millerby – boulders
  • Jenna Killoh – pallets
  • Dobbies Aberdeen – compost
  • Trees Are Us – logs
  • GI Cladding and Joinery – posts
  • Clan Miller Construction – slabs and posts
  • Bissett and Ross – tarpaulin
  • Alpha Fencing – new gate and fence
  • MB Landscapes – boulders
  • Karen Underwood – fruit tree
  • Karen Robertson – fairy house
  • James Polson Garden Creations – woodwork sculptures
  • BFLABDN – art work
  • Round Table Aberdeen – sponsorship for artwork
  • Linda Lovie – tactile sensory display
  • Dulex Paint Aberdeen – paint
  • Khyber Pass Association – donation
  • Unison Union – donation
  • Mrs Ann Thain – donation
  • Betty Craig – donation
  • Evelyn Drennan – donation
  • And last but not least our amazing fundraising families, the Simons and the Cruikshanks.

Home Economics: Developing Independence

Liz and Grace have had a busy start to the session, working with many pupils across the school. In our primary classes pupils focus on experiencing foods with opportunities to handle, taste and talk about a variety of foods. Hygiene is also a very important part of the routine at all times.

In Secondary, pupils continue working on routine and hygiene, experiencing different foods. As they progress, skills and independence are developed. Pupils at Senior Phase make a range of snacks and meals, some showing great aptitude and skill. We use our skills in literacy and numeracy to follow recipes and practise measurement. We are very adept at cutting and chopping. We’ve enjoyed fruit pancakes and have made apple crumble, enjoying the seasonal produce available.

Outdoor Education Update

As the weather gets cooler, classes have been making a bug hotel in the new sensory garden.  We have been exploring different plants and textures to make a place where insects can keep warm over the winter.  We have used grasses, thistle down and a variety of plants to create a cosy environment for our tiny guests to stay in over the colder months.

We have also been setting up tasks for pupils to help keep our playground tidy, like raking the sandpit.  These jobs are great experience and provide a fantastic opportunity to be involved in real work.

We have also been establishing bird feeders outside class and in the new sensory garden.

Music With Emmeline – Friday 24th July

Emmeline has created some new musical activities for you to enjoy this week. Here are today’s activities.

Forest Songwriting

After listening to the sounds of the forest on Wednesday today Emmeline is going to write a song about the forest and show you how she does it.

Perhaps you would like to write your own song at home about what you heard in the forest.

Any Dream Will Do: Part 5 – Whole Song

Today we are going to sing and sign all of Any Dream Will Do. We hope you enjoy joining in at home.

Music With Emmeline – Thursday 23rd July

Emmeline has created some new musical activities for you to enjoy this week. Here is today’s activity.

Any Dream Will Do: Part 4 – Verses 5 and 6

This is the last part of ‘Any Dream Will Do’ for us to learn before putting the whole song together tomorrow. The words are;

May I return,
to the beginning,
the light is dimming,
and the dream is too.

the world and I,
we are still waiting,
still hesitating
any dream will do.