Room 7 Make A Scarecrow And Try New Foods

Some of the residents around Northfield have been making scarecrows to put in their garden for local children to spot during the October holidays, so room 7 decided to get involved! During our Outdoor Education session this week, the boys helped to stuff an old tracksuit with straw which was a great sensory experience, then they make a head from old plastic bags and fabric and put a wig on the top. We haven’t quite decided on a name yet but see if you can spot her on your way past school over the next couple of weeks!

If you and your child would like to take part in the hunt, keep an eye on the Scarecrow Hunt Aberdeen Facebook page for the full list of Scarecrows

We have also been trying lots of news foods during snack time, especially fruits and vegetables. We have had raw and stewed apples which we loved with vanilla yogurt. During carrot fortnight we grated carrots and practised lots of skills to use the grater but we didn’t like eating the result. We made carrot and cheese muffins with the grated carrot which were delicious though! This week we have tried pears which only some of us liked. We have also tried beetroot, avocado, figs and baby corn.

Settling In To Room 7

The boys in Room 7 have been enjoying getting to know each other and settling in to our new classroom and outdoor space. We have been doing lots of art activities and have had fun exploring the feel of paint, glue, felt, wool and paper. We also looked at our reflections in a mirror to make little self portraits.

Aberdeen Reads: Join the Summer Reading Challenge

Aberdeen City Libraries have announced an exciting new reading challenge for the summer. Starting tomorrow (27th June) and running until 29th August, everyone is welcome to register as an individual or family / group. Register for the challenge online:

There are 9 reading related challenges and you can choose those that appeal. Full details of all the challenges are on the Aberdeen Reads website:

Click to access Aberdeen%20Reads%20final%20form.pdf


There is something for everyone!


Some ideas of how you might use the challenge are:



Read some of your favourite stories that are set in other countries (real or imaginary). Two of my personal favourites are:

Where The Wild Things Are (Maurice Sendak), a lovely picture book for younger readers, and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (C S Lewis) for older readers.


Get Creative

Across the school we’ve seen lovely photos of our children and young people engaging in Life Skills and Arts & Crafts during our period of remote learning. Why not challenge yourself to bake or cook something new? You might find a no-cook recipe that will encourage even greater independence. Try a new craft project and make something useful, or use some of your old junk to create something inspired by a book. Lots of exciting crafty projects can be done using recycled materials and this helps our environment.



Use recycled materials to create a favourite character or a scene from one of your books. One young man from Room 14 did this previously, creating his favourite scene from Harry Potter.


Cover Versions

Some of our Secondary pupils enjoy the Harry Potter books. These are magical stories to escape into and are very enjoyable to read aloud. Why not compare the film and the book to find out which you like best? Horrid Henry is always a favourite and episodes can be watched on TV. Do you like the TV episode or the story best? Popular with many of our younger pupils is Disney Cars or any other Disney movie. Again, see what you like best – the film or the book. There are also lots of E-comics on the library website, including Disney.


Favourite Place

Try reading in different places and find out what your favourite place to read is. I like to read in the garden, particularly on a fine day.


Let us know how you get on and feel free to share with your teachers the stories that you have enjoyed.