Christmas Fair: 30th November 2019

Room 12 are holding another doll raffle, to be drawn at the Christmas Fair on 30th November 2019, all proceeds to Orchard Brae.

Included in the prize is a beautiful wicker basket bed, bedding, the doll and several outfits – from a bride’s dress, to clown’s outfit to pyjamas and matching dressing gown and more. Doll donated and bedding and outfits beautifully made by the mum of one of Room 12’s class teachers.

Tickets to win all this are £1! Come and see us at the fair to buy your ticket!

There will also be many dolly clothes at our stall available to buy separately. These are unique, handmade and better than any dolls clothes you’ll see in the shops!

Halloween Fun at the Pupil Council Disco

The pupil council decided they wanted a Halloween disco and a pumpkin carving competition on Halloween. We enjoyed a whole school disco, with all the tunes being selected in advance by the pupils.  There were lots of fantastic costumes too.

Colours On The Moooove With Room 8

The Magic Milk Experiment

The Magic Milk experiment has been a ton of fun! This science activity with milk and food colouring was great for Room 8.

Finding creative ways to hook the children, to intrigue them, and ignite their desire to want to learn more about a particular subject really drove me. The Dancing Milk science experiment is one of my favourite experiments to achieve this hook.

Not only is making milk dance fun for kids and adults to watch, but this easy and inexpensive activity also combines science and art.

Some very unusual interactions take place when we mixed a little milk, food colouring, and a drop of liquid soap. After an explosion of movement, everyone watched a beautiful, graceful dancing milk! We have had a lot of fun!

What happened?

Milk has fat in it and the food colouring floats on top of the fat. When we added the dish soap to the milk, the fat separated and moved making our magical milk art!


Looking Back And Moving Forward With Room 8

The beginning of summer is upon us! As we head into the final stretches of the school year, everyone should take time to reflect on the highs and lows of the year. What worked? What flopped? How can you improve for next year? What from your old job will you bring to your new one? What must you definitely leave behind?

However, when we take time to reflect on our year and take stock of how we’ve grown and changed, we are more able to acknowledge the gifts of this passage and harvest our own learning for the future.

Let’s find out together our best moments.

Potted Sports

Everyone enjoyed the Potted Sports organised by our PE Department on Wednesday. Thank you to everyone involved for the hard work that went into this, including our Howes Hoose pupils who supported at the stations. We all had a great time moving around in our class groups, finishing up with a running ‘marathon’ for any Secondary pupils wishing to participate. They were well supported by those opting to spectate.

A Surprise For Room 8

Follow us, Room 8, into an amazing journey through our world of rights along with Handa, from “Handa’s surprise” by Eileen Browne.

In the story, Handa, a girl from Kenya, took a surprise bowl of fruits on a journey to her friend Akeyo. Different animals pinched the fruits without Handa’s permission. There were many interesting animals and fruits to find out about, making the journey really fun. As Handa’s journey was about to end, a goat bumped into a tangerine tree, and filled up her empty bowl with tangerines. When she arrived at Akeyo’s village, that was a happy surprise for both Handa and Akeyo. Handa was amazed by the loss of the other fruits, and the presence of tangerines. There was a happy ending because Akeyo’s favourite fruit is tangerine and Handa brought them to him.

What made this story so wonderful was the beautiful describing words. It also introduced the theme of friendship and its importance, which is another positive asset to this story. The surprise at the end of the story added a comical twist that brought the happiness.

Altogether, this was a really engaging and entertaining book that was wonderful to listen to and made us smile. Furthermore, the book has given us the opportunity to learn about children’s rights, to explore and taste the fruits from Handa’s basket, and to speak about our uniqueness and importance.

However, our journey is not finished yet, so be ready for other adventures along with Handa and her friend, Akeyo.

Ragbag Collection

The pupils in Room 16 have been working hard on our Ragbag project for 18 months now.  We are delighted to confirm that we have raised approximately £900 for the school fund (that’s more than 2 tonnes of clothing that have been saved from landfill!).

Rag bag is a Scottish textile and clothing recycling scheme.  Items are graded according to their quality at their premises in Falkirk.  Wearable items are sent to developing countries as 2nd hand clothing, items which may have been torn or damaged recycled and become carpet underlay or industrial cleaning cloths or even mattress lining.  Either way they are kept from landfill.

There are 3 collection schemes, 1: send bags home, 2: inside collection bin (at school front office) and 3: external collection bin.  We are proud to say that we have all 3 schemes in operation.

We collect clothes, pairs of shoes, belts and bags.

So this Spring, as you clear out your winter wardrobe, feel free to fill a bag of rags for us!

Storytelling With Ailie

This week we have been extremely lucky to have had Ailie Finlay from Flotsam And Jetsam join us in school.  Ailie is a fantastic multi-sensory storyteller based in Edinburgh and she has been working with five different classes across the school as part of the Aberdeen City Arts Across Learning Festival.

She has thoroughly entertained us over the last three days with her wonderful tales and we all had an amazing time exploring storytelling with her.

Thank you so much Ailie for coming to work with us and we hope to see you again soon.


Owl Babies With Room 8

Room 8 pupils have been enjoying their Book study – ‘Owl babies” by Martin Waddell, a wonderful book to share with young children to help tackle anxieties and fears about temporary separation.

First, we read the story and described in simple words the personality of each baby owl. Also, we listened to a relaxing music having as a theme ‘Forest at night sounds – owls and crickets, rustling leaves and wind’. They touched all four characters – the owl mother and her three babies, counted them, and called their names, Sarah, Percy and Bill.

Secondly, we made cute pieces of art, showing all three owl babies on the same brunch. We used our fingerprints to symbolize the owls.

Our third step was to design an owl nest. We went to the pond to see the ducks and it was a great opportunity to collect the materials for the owl nest.

At the end, we explored  our characters and we spoke about emotions, happiness and sadness. This gave us the idea to use ‘happy’ colours drawing owls using pastel chalk.

We all have had an amazing time studying ‘Owl Babies’. Well done, room 8!


Room 8 Meet Jack Frost

Room 8 have been enjoying this winter weather, inside and outside the classroom. We ventured out into the playground, well wrapped up, to experience how cold and frosty it has been. We brought snow back in with us to feel how cold it was and we watched as it melted during the day.

We dressed up in winter clothes during our winter singing and looked at ourselves in the mirror, just to see how good we looked!

During our art sessions we made ‘cold weather’ pictures using ‘cold’ colours. We used purple, white and blue balloons to print with. We also used the salad spinners to make colourful pictures which were cut into cosy socks, hats, gloves and scarves.

This week we made Jack Frost pictures. We had lots of different collage materials in white and silver to stick on and, of course, no Jack Frost is complete without plenty of glitter!

We all love a baking session in room 8 so this week we made ‘frosty’ cakes. We put in rice crispies and ‘snowball’ marshmallows, stirred it round and then added white chocolate. We then decorated the top with some edible ‘silver’ paper. Lots of tasting, smelling, and touching went on. We kept some for snack in school and took some home for our families to enjoy too.