Welcome Back To School With Room 2

Pupils in Room 2 have enjoyed the first two weeks back to school, reuniting with some familiar faces and welcoming a few new ones too!

Here are some of the fun things they have been up to:

  • Exploring how to move their body in both PE and class using lots of different pieces of equipment.
  • Engaging well on their tasks and demonstrating great interest in what everyone else is doing!

Outdoor Learning this year

This term the Outdoor Learning Team will be focusing on Health and Wellbeing Curricular areas.  So far pupils have been exploring the playground and reacquainting themselves with the sights, smells, sounds and equipment.

Learning tasks will be playground based and will include loose parts play and water play.  Your child’s teacher will let you know which day they have outdoor education.  The aim is to use outdoor spaces as much as possible and having waterproof and or warm clothing will be essential

Health And Wellbeing In Room 6

Pupils in Room 6 have been having fun participating in a range of Health & Wellbeing activities. We have been exploring the countryside, having foot spas for relaxation, and making jelly!!! One of our class also had a birthday last week so we had a party for her!!!

Foot Prints And Fun In Room 2

Pupils (and staff!) in Room 2 had a lot of fun painting feet and making footprints on paper. All our pupils showed interest in the activity and then actively engaged, focussing their attention as they placed their feet on the paper. A couple of pupils decided to slide along and one pupil ran along the paper. We discovered that there are few tickly feet in our class!

Exploring Movement In Room 9

Room 9 have been very busy this term exploring movement as part of their thematic work. Through their play they have been discovering the ways in which objects and toys move and learning about forces and their effects. As you can see, they had great fun investigating forces and their effects first hand and finding out the different ways they could make their bodies move at a recent visit to the park.

ASN Summer Holiday Camps

Booking goes live at 1 pm today for the ASN Summer Holiday Camp at Orchard Brae. Any families wishing to attend the summer holiday camp activities must book places due to Covid restrictions. Numbers for activities are limited so we would encourage early booking.

To book slots for your family, please follow the Eventbrite link:


Fun In The Sun With Room 10

Room 10 have enjoyed participating in a range of activities over the term. We’ve been orienteering around the playground with Scott, as well as discovering about how to care for plants. And finally, we can play in the sun, where we were sitting beneath the playground trees making our very own forest. Sometimes though, it’s just good to explore and play in the sand!

End of Term Events

We’ve lots of activities planned for the end of term. Please note 16th (or 23rd) June as we can dress up as Superheros for our MOVE/Potted Sports Day.

From Monday 14th June       

Caroline’s Treasure Hunt – Individual classes will organise to go on a special treasure hunt, but what special prize will they find at the end? 

Wed 16th/23rd June (weather dependant)             

MOVE/Potted Sports – MOVE and PE will provide a sporting/active challenge for all classes but remember this is also superhero day so dress as your favourite character! 

Friday 18th June                                                                        

Creativity Day lots of different activities all linked to pasta!  

Monday 21st June                                                                     

Leavers Ceremony for 2020 and 2021 leavers – digital invite to follow for parents and carers of these specific pupils. 

Thursday 24th June                                                                   

Picnic in the Park/Musical afternoon- This is our pupils’ tribute to Caroline, fine food and musical interludes.