Room 5 have wings!

This term our topic will be ‘Up in the air’. In room 5 we’ve started this topic by reading the story ‘Wings!’ by Paul Stewart and learning about birds. ‘Wings!’ is the story of a penguin who desperately wants to fly but is unable to. His friends try to help him but finally he realises he can swim instead. To start the topic we read the story and painted penguins.

Merry Christmas from Room 10

Our learning has definitely embraced the festivities!

In literacy, our story took a festive turn as we explored “Supertato presents Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Supertato: Evil Pea Rules”, exploring pantomime and snowy themes!  We set up our own performance space and dressed up as different characters, engaged in a snow themed bucket time, and that’s not to mention the real stuff making an appearance!

In expressive arts we’ve been drumming to festive tunes, and our rhythm has been fabulous!  We’ve also been working hard on our Christmas show performance, practicing our dance moves (and letting supporting staff know what we like best to help us dance – we’ve been loving ribbons, pom poms, scarves and soft toy Santas!  We worked hard to make our Christmas video, which played in the background for our performance.  You can see our video here:

We’ve also developed our classroom space, with a new sensory corner, cosy area and mini library, which are making for a lovely cosy atmosphere for the end of term!  We plan to make full use of this with a pyjama movie afternoon for the end of term!

Wishing all our families a lovely holiday!

Happy Christmas

We would like to wish all our pupils, their families, staff and associated colleagues a very happy Christmas. Have a wonderful festive season and t get you in the festive spirit, here are a few videos from our recent Christmas Concert along with our entry for the Evening Express Carol Concert.

Evening Express Carol Concert

Day 7: Room 7

Day 10: Room 10

Day 13: Drumming

Day 15: Room 15

Day 18: Room 18

Day 20: Howes Hoose


We invited our parents to come to our class to see how much we have been learning. Then we worked together to create a textured Pudsey picture. It was so nice to spend time together with our families in our classroom.

Life skills in Room 8

Mug cakes are the perfect, low-mess solution for our sweet tooth and easy enough for our pupils in Room 8 to make under supervision. There was no hot oven; instead, we had a personal-sized treat ready to enjoy in mere minutes with the help of a microwave.  

Our favourite mug cake is a mug cookie. It’s got a classic chocolate-chip cookie flavour but a bit of a cakey crumble. We may have overdosed on the chocolate chips, but we weren’t sorry, especially for a Friday afternoon. 

Here are some helpful tips we used for making our mug cakes:

Mix, mix, mix! 

While most of this mug cake recipe is stirred upright in a coffee cup, we made sure we mixed everything well. 

From our experience, we suggest using a fork to whisk the ingredients and a small spatula to clean the bottom before you cook. Nothing ruins your mug cake faster than finding a glob of flour on your fork.

Take it slow. 

Microwaves vary in wattage and strength, so we had to take care not to overbake. We started at the low end of the recipe recommendation and checked, then added 15-30 second bursts until the cake was puffed and looked dry.

We enjoyed it! 

Christmas Spirit

Room 4 have been getting into the Christmas spirit while using fine motor skills. We made Christmas decorations with outdoor ed and put them on the school Christmas tree. Salt dough decorations have been made and painted. Melted snowman art was lots of fun as well as Christmas cards. 

Christmas Cooking

Today we had a fun and active festive cooking session with Liz. 

We worked together to measure out all the ingredients we needed before putting them into the food processor to mix. Using a switch we were able to take turns mixing everything together. Everyone did a fantastic job taking turns, smelling and touching the ingredients and actively participating in the baking process.

Exploration In Room 4

Room 4 have been working on exploring their mark making skills in class. The children have been making amazing progress with this as you can see.

The pupils have also been exploring different technologies and how we use them. We decided to use a blender to make some tasty smoothies using milk, strawberries and bananas. It passed the taste test! 

Room 8 class project ‘What makes someone a superhero?’

Did you know there are SUPERHEROES all around us? 

Superheroes are ordinary people who do EXTRAORDINARY jobs.

Absolutely anyone can be a SUPERHERO if they want to. All you need is imagination, hard work and lots of kindness.

During this term, we had many activities where we encouraged the children to listen carefully to how that person’s job involves helping others and gave them time to ask questions about what they have heard. We used a selection of photos of ‘Superheroes – people who help us’ in activities as matching pictures/words/sentences. Also, we introduced and explained new vocabulary and encouraged them to listen to each other’s suggestions.   

One of our favourites has been the ‘People who help us’ themed role-play – ‘I’m a dentist’, inspiring the children to use the new vocabulary they learned during the topic. 

We created a class display, ‘All about our superheroes who help us.’ We had a big poster, ‘You are my superhero’, and we took pictures with all staff around the school that help us daily. We want to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all of them.

The most important activity has been with our superheroes – the parents. We spent one hour singing and dancing, having an excellent time together.

 Well done, Room 8!#

Learning to share in Room 5

In Room 5 we have been reading ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson. We enjoyed reading it as a sensory story and exploring different materials like water, shells and bubbles, and feeling the wind from the ‘storm’. We are learning to share with our friends, like the characters in the story, so we used lots of turn-taking language as we passed objects around.