Countdown To Christmas

Orchard Brae Advent Calendar: Day 6

For the next festive treat in our advent calendar, pupils in Room 3 invite you to join them as they explore the story ‘I Wish You More’ by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld.

Countdown To Christmas

Orchard Brae Advent Calendar: Day 4

We hope that you enjoy today’s special advent treat.

Today the pupils and staff from Room 9 take part in some synchronised reminiscing of the summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. Thanks to one of our Secondary pupils for his commentary and keep a close eye out for some familiar judges!

Countdown To Christmas

Orchard Brae Advent Calendar: Day 2

Welcome back to the Orchard Brae Advent Calendar. We hoped that you enjoyed our first instalment yesterday and today we have another festive treat for you.

For Day 2, pupils and staff from Room 10 have been very busy getting creative through their artwork!

Countdown To Christmas

Orchard Brae Advent Calendar: Day 1

Welcome to the Orchard Brae Advent Calendar. Everyone throughout the school has had great fun creating these videos and we hope that you enjoy them and they help to bring you some festive cheer in the countdown to Christmas!

For Day 1, come along and join the pupils and staff from Room 5 in some snowball fun.


We hope all our pupils in Primary 1 are enjoying exploring the books that they received in their BookBug packs which were sent home recently. These are a free gift from Scottish Book Trust, and the three picture books they contain are those shortlisted for the BookBug Picture Book Prize.

Children are invited to place their votes for their favourite title either using the following link to vote through the Aberdeen City Libraries poll or alternatively, directly with Scottish Book Trust by following this link Register and vote: The Bookbug Picture Book Prize – Scottish Book Trust.

Voting closes at 5pm on Friday 10 December 2021.

Aberdeen City Libraries have also launched a video, featuring a read-through of all three of the Picture Book Prize shortlisted titles, which can be accessed through

Exploring Colours In Room 3

Pupils in Room 3 have been exploring colour.

We each chose which colour of paint we wanted. We then added our colour to the pumpkin and rolled it down a ramp. When it landed on the Tuff Tray we heard a thump and saw the paint SPLAT.

Have a look at the PowerPoint below to see what happened.

Room 8 Create A Cute Autumn Foliage Craft Using Broccoli

While some of our pupils may not eat broccoli, we bet you’ll have no trouble convincing them to do this fun craft with the cruciferous veggie.

The painting technique is not only simple, it’s also inexpensive. There’s no need to clean paint brushes when you’re done!

By using a palette of four quintessential fall colours (red, orange, yellow and brown), we dabbed the raw broccoli in the paint and then stamped our paper. The broccoli florets lent the tree leaves a nice texture.

Look at how the trees are bursting with autumn colours.

If you aren’t great at painting the foundation of your trees — the trunk —use a free tree printable that you can download and print.

So, while we may have told our kids before not to play with their food, there’s nothing wrong with making art with it, right?