Exploring Fairtrade In Room 3

Room 3 have been exploring different Fair Trade items. 

We explored the sound of different items when they hit or move on a surface. Some were quiet and some were LOUD.

We used a fan to create a flour snowstorm and slid soap on the Tuff Tray like penguins on their tummies. We also used a bubble machine to show the clouds in the stormy sky. We then watched videos of strong penguins sliding and jumping. 

Room 3 Have Fun With Foods

Room 3 have been exploring different fruits and vegetables. We blitzed them up, looked at them, smelled them, felt them, listened to them splat on the table and some of us even tried a little taste. 

When we were finished we gave them to the bug hotel outside, so they could use their senses to investigate them too!

Have a look at some of the fun we had!

Countdown To Christmas

Orchard Brae Advent Calendar: Day 6

For the next festive treat in our advent calendar, pupils in Room 3 invite you to join them as they explore the story ‘I Wish You More’ by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld.

Exploring Colours In Room 3

Pupils in Room 3 have been exploring colour.

We each chose which colour of paint we wanted. We then added our colour to the pumpkin and rolled it down a ramp. When it landed on the Tuff Tray we heard a thump and saw the paint SPLAT.

Have a look at the PowerPoint below to see what happened.

Maths Week 2021

Last week it was Maths Week across Scotland. We asked classes to share work that they had been doing in Maths and Numeracy. Thank you to our Primary colleagues for sharing some of the lovely learning they engaged in.

Room 3 shared some of the work they’re doing across the curriculum, linking maths to early literacy skills and daily routine: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1JTPDvjQdOriDlqpK9OhsCArSnjucNP8rArHW6wRXDxc/edit?usp=sharing

Room 4 are exploring colour through their interdisciplinary learning.

One of our pupils in Room 6 is working on number recognition and counting.