Willow Wreaths – Handmade by Room 18

Room 18 have been learning to work with cut willow branches.

1.       Stripping the branches

The thinnest branches are the easiest to work with so we had to pull them off the bigger branches!

2.       Making wreaths

We used the branches to make circles and then start wrapping other branches around to make Christmas decorations. It was very fiddly and takes a bit of getting used to.

3.       Taking Photos

For our SQA and ASDA units, we are learning to take photos on the ipads. We thought this was a good time to practice our skills, we all took photos of each other working.

4.       TaDa! The finished product

This was a fiddly task and took some concentration. We are very proud of the small wreaths we have made. They will look fab when we decorate our classroom next week!

Music in Room 17

As part of our ASDAN and SQA work, Room 17 have been exploring a variety of musical instruments. We have been deciding which instruments we like best and which ones we aren’t so keen on! We have enjoyed playing the different instruments to some of our favourite songs. We have now chosen our favourite instrument and will be practising it for something special coming up later in the term!

Room 18 Pumpkins

This week we have been settling back into school and getting ready for Halloween this weekend. Some of us have dressed up in Halloween outifts and we have carved a pumpkin ready for the school pumpkin patch. This year, L chose to carve a scary face into the pumpkin, it was a bit tricky but with a little help he managed. G did a great job separating out the seeds from the pulp. A put the pulp into the bug hotel we are making in the playground. In cooking we will be roasting the seeds to eat them. Once we are finished with the pumpkin we will fill it with bird food and put it out in the garden to feed the animals and birds.

Happy Halloween!

Taking Care of our Appearance

In our life skills lessons we have been working on Personal Care Routines: personal grooming, looking smart, appointments at local services and finally a project.  We chose to tie dye T-Shirts.  We practiced with scrap material and blackberries first.  Then we tie dyed T-shirts.  It was so much fun we decided to dye bags too with the leftover inks.  We then had to wash them all and hang them up to dry.  We were so proud of our efforts we had an impromptu fashion show and paraded around the school showing off our creations.  It was messy, but a lot of fun.

Home Economics: Developing Independence

Liz and Grace have had a busy start to the session, working with many pupils across the school. In our primary classes pupils focus on experiencing foods with opportunities to handle, taste and talk about a variety of foods. Hygiene is also a very important part of the routine at all times.

In Secondary, pupils continue working on routine and hygiene, experiencing different foods. As they progress, skills and independence are developed. Pupils at Senior Phase make a range of snacks and meals, some showing great aptitude and skill. We use our skills in literacy and numeracy to follow recipes and practise measurement. We are very adept at cutting and chopping. We’ve enjoyed fruit pancakes and have made apple crumble, enjoying the seasonal produce available.

Summer Fruits

We have been collecting raspberries and brambles in the lane near school and making jam.  Then a colleague, kindly, brought in plums and apples from her farm.  So we all practised using a butter knife to chop up plums and apples to make more jam.  Our favourite recipe is for plum and cinnamon jam. 


We also used a traditional apple press to make our own apple juice.  We all took turns to mulch and squash the apples it was hard work. “Don’t break it!” we were warned by one student.   After that we all enjoyed the apple juice.  Some quotes from the students:


“That actually tastes really good”

“Thumbs up from me!”

“It’s horrible!”

Watch out Beechgrove, here come Room 18!

At the start of term, Room 18 planted some seeds. We planted carrots, lovely red radishes, cress and some lettuce.

We have already enjoyed eating the cress with egg in sandwiches.

We have watered the plants using our watering can and kept an eye on them as they grow. This week we re-planted the seedlings into the sensory garden vegetable trough which one of our young men had painted. The radishes will be ready for snack very soon. Watch out for more carrot updates!

Welcome Back to Room 17

Room 17 have had a busy few weeks settling back into a routine. We have enjoyed getting to know each other through our welcome routine in the mornings. We have been busy making displays for our classroom walls and making the most of the good weather by going out for local walks and enjoying our new sensory garden. Pupils have also had fun with some sensory play and music.