Room 5 have wings!

This term our topic will be ‘Up in the air’. In room 5 we’ve started this topic by reading the story ‘Wings!’ by Paul Stewart and learning about birds. ‘Wings!’ is the story of a penguin who desperately wants to fly but is unable to. His friends try to help him but finally he realises he can swim instead. To start the topic we read the story and painted penguins.

Learning to share in Room 5

In Room 5 we have been reading ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson. We enjoyed reading it as a sensory story and exploring different materials like water, shells and bubbles, and feeling the wind from the ‘storm’. We are learning to share with our friends, like the characters in the story, so we used lots of turn-taking language as we passed objects around.

Harvest time in Room 5

In Room 5 we have been learning about autumn and harvest time. We have painted and carved pumpkins, made beautiful apple print pictures and experienced the feeling of dried leaves. We made some lovely suncatchers for our class window out of dried leaves we collected when out and about. We enjoyed all the different textures and smells of autumn.

Exploring ‘Stickman’ In Room 5

Room 5 have been reading ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson and have been busy creating a ‘family tree’ display in the classroom. We have used a variety of materials to create the tree such as paint and crayons. This allowed us to experiment with these materials and experience the way they feel. We also went for a walk and collected leaves, then made leaf rubbings for the tree.

Celebrating Burns In Room 5

In class this week we celebrated Burns Night! We made our very own haggis from an old pair of stockings which we stuffed with leaves and twigs we found during our outdoor education session. We played a game of Scottish corners and some Scottish parachute games. This was so much fun and a bit competitive at times!
In the afternoon we had a Scottish drumming session with Keith and a Scottish ceilidh. We dressed up in our finest tartan and had danced our socks off. We finished our day with some shortbread! It was a fantastic day and we all had great fun!

Festive Fun In Room 5

Pupils in Room 5 have been having a great time getting ready for Christmas. They’ve enjoyed parties with lots of games to take part in as well as dressing up and even a visit from someone very special aka Santa!!!

Have a look at their video to see just some of the fun they’ve had.

Countdown To Christmas

Orchard Brae Advent Calendar: Day 1

Welcome to the Orchard Brae Advent Calendar. Everyone throughout the school has had great fun creating these videos and we hope that you enjoy them and they help to bring you some festive cheer in the countdown to Christmas!

For Day 1, come along and join the pupils and staff from Room 5 in some snowball fun.

Superheroes In Room 5

This term our book study has been based on the book ‘Traction man’ by Mini Grey. You can listen to the story on YouTube using the link below.

In class we have listened to the story and enjoy hearing about the ways in which Traction man saves the day.

AS part of the book study we designed our own super hero character. This was so much fun that even the staff got involved. After we designed our superheroes we named them –

Traction Man
Ash Attack
Quantum Conor
Cosmic H
Electric Jamie
Super Lulu 
OJ Man
Wonder Granma
Scarlet Debz
Phantom Dede
Agent Lilla
Captain Robbie 

As well as designing our own superhero, we also set up and actively participated in a fun and lively science experiment. Traction Man needed a new suit to wear and so we investigated a range of materials to find out which ones would be best. Dressing Traction man in plastic, tinfoil and cotton wool we put him in water to see which material was water resistant and which material was not! We thought the plastic bag would win but actually tin foil was the best keeping Traction Man dry and absorbing the least water.

It has been so much fun learning with Traction Man in Room 5 he has inspired us all to be superheroes!!

Investigating Forces In Room 5

Room 5 are investigating how the forces of push, pull and twist affect the way in which objects move and change shape. A force is an action that makes something or someone move.

We are learning that a force makes things move and that pushes, pulls and twists are forces.

In Room 5 everyone has lots of fun pushing, pulling and twisting play doh to create interesting creations.

We have also enjoyed experiencing the feel of pushing and pulling using a large stretchy elastic band. This was so much fun for all the boys and staff.