National Selfie Day in Room 8

Check your hair, find your light, and strike a post — National Selfie Day was on June 21. Time to find the perfect angle. Try out that new filter! If you’re feeling yourself, wearing a new favourite outfit, or even if you’re just bored, it’s time to pull out that camera phone and proclaim, “But first, let me take a selfie.”

The most important is to ‘Be yourself’. The idea of taking a selfie is to document who you are. But remember, you’re taking a selfie to show off YOU, not to become a copy of the others. Embrace your individuality for a selfie that looks and feels like you.

Did you know?

You can let someone else take your Selfie. This kind of photography is called Posies among the millennials, and the picture is usually taken by someone else, and the person in front of the camera has to pose.

Room 8 has celebrated ‘Selfie Day’ having lots of fun.

First, everyone came and discovered the most beautiful picture with their favourite pupil in the class. We all were surprised to find that in the box it was a mirror, and everyone was the favourite. 

Second, we had a shooting with some selfie challenge prompts:

· Choose your favourite hat

· With something you love

· Six selfies with different faces

· Video selfie of you dancing

· In a mirror

· With someone else

· Upside down

· With a photo

· By a window

Life Cycles In Room 2

Room 2 has nurtured and carefully observed caterpillars build their cocoons and turn into butterflies. Today it was time to release the butterflies which we did in the natural environment of our Sensory Garden. We excitedly watched as our butterflies gained confidence in the open space and flew away to find new homes. 

Aberdeen Performing Arts Events

Aberdeen Performing Arts have upcoming performances which are suitable for those with additional support needs. For more information please follow the links below.

Happiness Collectors

The world’s supplies of happiness are running low and we need your help to top them up! Happiness Collectors is a fusion of physical theatre and audio-immersive storytelling for family audiences. A 20-minute performance experienced through headphones (provided by us), suitable for family audiences aged 5+. No booking necessary – arrive early to secure your spot.

More info here:

Access note: This performance is unamplified with all sound coming through wireless headphones. We’ve had great responses from young people with additional support needs who have enjoyed the freedom of taking off the headphones and experiencing the fun, physical nature of the performance.

Light The Way (Promenade Event)

Saturday 18th June
16:30 – 16:45

Bon Accord Centre Roof Garden

An exciting series of multi-artform, pop-up performances created especially for #LTB22. Find out from young people across Aberdeen what Light The Way means to them. Watch the participants light the way and see their ideas come to life!  

More info here:

Access note: This performance features dance, theatre and music – with a few songs signed in Makaton and a dance performance featuring disabled performers.

The rest of our programme can be viewed here:

The benefits of playing shop in Room 8

Pretend play makes up a very important part of our class activities. It allows our group to play different roles and test our pupils’ reactions and responses to different situations. Playing shop is great for this type of activity-based learning.

Our pupils had as much fun setting up the shop as they did playing shop, and they learned an awful lot too!

Children had fun being supported writing the main shop sign, collecting things that can be ‘sold’ in the shop.

We had a little play-till for our shop and the kids loved punching in numbers and calling out the prices of things. They priced things with labels and practised writing numbers too. They started to understand how price and value differ from item to item.

We used play money giving coins (£1 and £2) and notes (£5 and £10) in exchange for items that they ‘bought’ from the shop. This was a great way to introduce the concept of money and trade.

Of course, every shop needs to be in good order if the customers are going to be able to find things! Perhaps all the food should go on one shelf and toiletries on another. Therefore, we got some great plastic food items like fruits and vegetables that helped the children to play and identify, or sort, different items.

Next step for our pupils is to use some real fruit and veg, bread and cans to get ready them to ‘buy’ themselves a healthy snack/lunch.

In Room 8 we know the value of pretend play, and encourage the fun times and learning experiences that activity-based play can bring. So, you could help us upcycling some household items and collecting some baskets and paper shopping bags for our learner’s very own shop. Thank you in advance.

Drake Music

Abi Sinar, a musician with Drake Music, has been working with students at Orchard Brae for the last two years, even throughout lockdowns, in developing the North East Digital Orchestra project. The ultimate goal of the project is to create a digital orchestra for school leavers and young adults, enabling them to develop their musical skills and create new music using a range of inclusive music technologies.

Pupils who have been involved in the project have been supported by Abi to develop their musical skills using a variety of accessible instruments and have created this video for you to enjoy, where they play Ode To Joy as well as their own additional compositions to the song.

Many thanks to Abi for her support and in making the film. If you would like to find out more about Drake Music and their work, please follow the link below:

Working Hard In Room 2

Room 2 pupils all enjoy learning at Orchard Brae School – look at the happy smiling faces we’ve managed to capture on camera. We’ve included evidence of our pupils achieving some of their targets as well as planned learning activities.

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

Last term, Room 10, as part of their topic project, were exploring the story “A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea”!

We’ve explored fast and slow with movement games in class, to link with the lyric “grows at speed”.  We’ve investigated capacity with a range of containers with water and other sensory resources, including several containers with holes in, to build our understanding of of the hole in the story.  We’ve played with light (including with adapted switches so we could control them) and reflective materials to support understanding of one story feature – the sun!

Alongside this we’ve been busy with a wide range of broader learning.  We loved choosing pancake toppings for pancake day and our science project for that week involved trying to get felt “pancakes” to our target, which was great fun!  A particular highlight of the last few weeks has been sessions on the adapted bikes with Salvi from P.E. – the effort and enthusiasm from the whole class has been fabulous!

Take A Break

Take a Break Scotland are pleased to announce that they are now open for applications!

Take a Break provides grants to unpaid carers of disabled children and young people, who have complex additional support needs, or serious or life-threatening health conditions.

Applications are open until 5:00pm on Monday 20 June 2022.

If you have concerns about travelling either in the UK or overseas, there are options on how you can use your grant if awarded.

Visit their website: for more information and how to apply online.

Holiday Weekend

Just a reminder that all Orchard Brae establishments will be closed on Monday 2nd May for the May Day holiday and Tuesday 3rd May for in-Service Training. The Nursery based at Ashgrove Children’s Centre will also be closed on Thursday 5th May for local elections polling. This does not affect the main school or Nursery at Howes Road which will be open as normal.

Collaborative Learning In Room 2

Room 2 pupils enjoy working collaboratively as our photos show. Look at the pupils’ independent skills, their level of engagement – all actively participating with very little support and their clear enjoyment of learning though our Three Little Pigs story. They have also been having fun with Bucket Time activities on a Friday… as we all know, having fun is very important!