Making Music In Room 3

The pupils from Room 3 have been enjoying making music both at music therapy and in class. The pupils have all been exploring music in ways specific to them. This has involved playing hand-held percussion instruments, singing, playing the piano and also walking on the floor piano! The pupils have been engaging in a variety of pupil led and specific ways in music therapy and these have been reiterated in class during a variety of activities! Emmeline is looking forward to continuing making music with Room 3!


Using Figure Notes In Music Therapy

Some of our pupils have been learning to play piano with our music therapist Emmeline using the Drake Music programme ‘Figure Notes’.

Figure notes uses colours and shapes to help facilitate people to learn music in a different way. Our pupils have experienced a wonderful sense of pride learning to play; ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Frere Jacque’ and ‘Ode to Joy’.


Drumming At SQA National 3

Here is a wow moment we would like to share from one of our senior students who is currently working on an SQA National 3 in Music: Performance Skills with a focus on drumming.

He has been working with our instructor, Keith on developing his confidence in reading music, following tempo and he is currently working towards putting on performance in school.

Well done!

Young Leaders Of Learning

The Young Leaders of Learning programme has been developed by Education Scotland with the aim of enabling and empowering pupils to have an increasing say in their education and school. As a school, we have been in the fortunate position of working alongside Maxine Jolly, Senior Education Officer for Education Scotland, in adapting the programme for use in ASN schools.

Yesterday, a group of secondary pupils participated in a training day at the Beacon Centre alongside colleagues and pupils from Bucksburn Academy ASN Wing.

The students worked together in identifying the key skills required to be an effective young Leader and had great fun designing their Leaders.

The students also spent time identifying and comparing key areas of the two schools and sharing their likes and dislikes.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be the first group of pupils and staff trained from specialist settings and we look forward to participating in the programme with Bucksburn Academy ASN Wing over the rest of this term.

Assemblies In Drum Department

The pupils in Drum have been meeting every Monday morning for assembly.  We sit together in a circle and are becoming used to the routine.  We start by saying hello before singing favourite songs the classes bring.  We then explore a theme or story before finishing our assembly and saying goodbye.

Last week we explored Burns Night.  We dressed up in tartan, had a little taste of shortbread and oatcakes, sang Scottish songs and had a wee ceilidh!

This week we learnt about Chinese New Year and tried on some clothes, looked at artefacts, did some movement and then did a dragon dance.  We opened up some fortune cookies and shared what they told us!  Our youngest pupils in the school are in Drum and there is lots of learning in a busier environment where it is less predictable and noisier than our classrooms.  On top of that we get out of our seats to dance and are learning to return to them so well.


We have a great time learning together and there’s lots more assembly fun ahead!

Room 8’s Amazing Trick

Can you pick up ice with a piece of string?

Impress people with this trick!

Try picking up a piece of ice with a string. Can you do it without tying any knots?

Room 8 will show you how!

What you need is:

  • Ice cube
  • Salt
  • String
  • Glass
  • Water
  • Scissors

How we did it?

  1. We have filled a glass to the top with water (we added some food colouring for more fun).
  2. We have chosen a piece of colourful string around 20 centimetres long.
  3. We have placed an ice cube in the water. What have we observed? It has floated. Anything else? Of course. The ice cube has been cold.
  4. We have laid the string across the ice cube and glass. Nothing has happened.
  5. We have tried a magic trick: we have covered the ice cube and string with a layer of salt (we have tasted it also). Oh, no! Very salty!!!
  6. We have left them for 10 seconds – we have counted the seconds.
  7. Carefully, we have pick up the ends of the string and what do you think? Magic. We managed to lift up the ice cubes! Wow! Well done, Room 8!

What’s happening?

Salt lowers the freezing point of water to below 0 degrees Celsius. When we added salt to the ice cube, the salt lowered the melting point of the ice. The salt is in a thin layer, so it melts a thin layer on top of the ice cube. The water cooled down further and re-froze around the string.

Now we understand why Ray, our janitor, uses salt in winter to prevent the road and our playground from getting icy and dangerous.

It is you turn now! You could challenge your friends and parents. See if they can work out how you did it. Good luck!

Christmas Wishes

We would like to wish all of our pupils, their families, staff and associated colleagues a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We look forward to seeing you all when we return on Monday 6th January 2020.

Christmas Fun In Room 7

Room 7 have been enjoying a variety of activities in the build up to Christmas.  They have enjoyed being creative making cards, crackers and have enjoyed listening to and interacting with artifacts about the Christmas story.

Room 5 Trip to BA Store

Today we enjoyed a fantastic trip to BA Stores.

When we first arrived at BA Stores we enjoyed a short walk around the Christmas display. The boys enjoyed looking at the Christmas characters and had a wee biscuit and drink.

We then enjoyed a great tractor ride around the farm track. This was particularly fun because we love the Barefoot book “Driving my Tractor.” The boys were so happy bumping along the road.

We then returned to the store and had the opportunity to meet Santa. The boys waited patiently in the line and got to meet the Big Guy himself. Together we met Santa who gave each boy a small toy and Christmas sweetie.

We had a wonderful time at BA Stores, their generosity and kindness to our class demonstrated the true spirit Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Room 5!

Room 6 Explore The Local Community

Room 6 have been enjoying exploring the community this term.

We walk to the ducks daily and have seen the number of ducks increase from in the teens to 34.

We have a weekly visit to the library where we enjoy investigating the DVD’s, sensory box and looking at books.

We enjoy playing on the toys at the park in Sheddocksley and have enjoyed exploring the ice when walking to the horses.