Burns Day Celebrations with Room 15

Room 15 have been super busy this week celebrating the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns. We started by working collaboratively to paint a giant Scottish flag as a class which is now decorating the wall outside our class. We also practised our rolling and fine motor skills with salt dough to make models of the famous Loch Ness Monster, Nessie. Don’t worry, we will be painting them once they are fully dry and solid!

Then on Wednesday we celebrated Burns day properly by having a Burns Supper for lunch. We worked on setting the table with a tartan tablecloth and listened to the “Address to a Haggis” before we had a taste of haggis, neeps and tatties with our normal lunch. The haggis wasn’t for everyone but we did have some fans.

Parachutin’ n Bubblin’ in Room 15

Room 15 have had a great (and busy) start to the term. We’ve been playing lots of games with the parachute and had blown lots of bubbles! We’ve been creative and arty by painting on a huge piece of paper. We’ve done some experiments with some colourful results (lots of food colouring involved!). We’ve had a lot of fun and laughter as we’ve built new relationships within the class.

This week, we have been having lots of fun and getting a bit messy! We took off our socks and shoes and covered our hands and feet in paint before taking a walk around the classroom! The paint felt really cold and slippery between our toes and fingers! It was all worth it though as the end result looks awesome and shows us all taking steps together in our learning!`

Red Nose fun in 15

This week Room 15 have been busy learning to play Boccia in class. It has been so much fun getting to play all together as a class. We’ve been taking turns and practising our throwing skills and trying to get as close to the white ball as possible. 

On Friday, we celebrated Red Nose Day by making some squishy red noses of our own. We filled bits of tights with red pom poms and then glued on some googly eyes and wool to make them look funny! Some of us used really big eyes, some used small and some used a mixture! Then we made some red gloop to play with. It was so sticky!

Boccia in Room 15

This week Room 15 have been busy learning to play Boccia in class. It has been so much fun getting to play all together as a class. We’ve been taking turns and practising our throwing skills and trying to get as close to the white ball as possible. 

We have also been getting really good at making playdough. Using our skills to measure out the ingredients and mixing them together.

Playdoh in Room 15

Room 15 have had a busy few weeks back at school. We have some new faces in the classroom and we are building our relationships together. 

We had fun making some playdough this week. We measured out the correct amount of flour, salt and water into trays and then we mixed it all together to form the dough. Some even added some food colouring to make our playdough cool colours! Then we got to play with it so everyone got some and we rolled, squished, flattened and used cookie-cutters on it to make different shapes.

Special Events in Room 15

Room 15 have been learning about time by exploring when special events occur as part of our ASDAN (mathematics) work recently.  We used symbol information to work out when different special events take place, including Fireworks night, St Andrews Day and Christmas, as well our class birthdays, and added this information to our calendars.

We’re now extending this with our ASDAN ICT project to use ICT to prepare for a special occasion – we’re filming our Christmas video!  (Too early?!?)

We voted for our preferred song choice on the interactive board and we’re exploring different ways to share communication relating to the song – through signing, using our AAC, through our actions – and recording this together.  We’ll also be using technology in our video, switching on Christmas lights and using a camera.

We’ve had lots of fun going through our Christmas resources too, lots of fabulous sensory opportunities with tinsel, hats, baubles and more!

Room 15 ASDAN Party

In Room 15, our hard-work culminated in getting to enjoy the party we have spent the last 8 weeks planning and preparing for as part of our ASDAN Transition Challenge work.  Some of us needed no encouragement to party, and we all joined in with time.  It was a fun way to celebrate our achievements and wind down for the end of term!

We’ve also expanded a lot of our ASDAN New Horizons work on emotions to apply some of the regulation skills we have been learning about throughout our school day and explore practical applications of our learning.  Music is a definite favourite in our class!

A special shout out has to be made for the progress made with everyday routines – from coming to sit with the group independently for familiar activities, to following modeled instructions for the first time, to trying new foods, to eating more independently, to spontaneously using a new communication element (such as a new sign or communicating for a new function) – the team are incredibly proud of how hard you have worked.  Well done Room 15!

As we move forward this term we’ll be exploring time as we learn about when special events occur (we can definitely expect a messy bucket time for fireworks day!) and use technology to prepare for them.

A busy start in Room 15

Room 15 have been incredibly busy these last few weeks!  Alongside building relationships and establishing routines, we’ve also been hard at work.

We’ve launched ourselves into our ASDAN projects – exploring friendship for PSE as we get to know our classmates, and planning a social event for our Transition Challenge work (ASDAN work is a legitimate reason for an end of term party, no?).  We’ve used technology to vote for our social activity and prepare a music playlist, and we’ve made decorations.  We’ll be continuing to build on this over the coming weeks.

We’ve had bucket time sessions where we build our focused attention skills.  It has been brilliant to see the progress our class are already making with focusing on the bucket.  Check out the rainbows we painted for our first stage four activity (independent work task)!

We’ve also introduced a life skills session to our timetable, where we’ve been sharing responsibility for our classroom and increasing independence with skills relating to cleaning and tidying up.

Last week we made the most of the fabulous weather and took our snack outside – a lovely opportunity to enjoy those friendships we’ve been building since we came back.