Room 12 have been looking at snowflakes, since we are in the middle of winter and expecting some flurries!

We have learned Makaton signs for winter and warm clothing and made snowflakes using lolly sticks and resources we chose ourselves to decorate them.

We watched videos that showed how snowflakes are formed, the different shapes of snowflakes (more than we thought!) and saw some time-lapse clips of them.

Here are some photos of our science activity. We mixed salt and glue and made a snowflake shape on card with this substance. We let this dry overnight and the next day used pipettes and blue food colouring to slowly drip on to our snowflakes. We enjoyed watching the salt soak up the blue and spread all over – just like creating our very own time-lapse!

Food, glorious food!

Room 16 have been learning about one of their favourite things – food! We have been talking about our likes and dislikes. The pupils have been practising asking each other what their favourite food using switches or using PODD. This will go towards one of our ASDAN awards. We are going to be learning about putting our information into a table to show others what we have found out as a class.

Playdoh in Room 15

Room 15 have had a busy few weeks back at school. We have some new faces in the classroom and we are building our relationships together. 

We had fun making some playdough this week. We measured out the correct amount of flour, salt and water into trays and then we mixed it all together to form the dough. Some even added some food colouring to make our playdough cool colours! Then we got to play with it so everyone got some and we rolled, squished, flattened and used cookie-cutters on it to make different shapes.

Head Teacher Christmas Blog

As Christmas fast approaches, it has been a time for me to reflect on my first four months as Head Teacher.  It has been a wonderful time getting to know all the pupils and families better and despite the pandemic we have achieved so much in a short space of time.  Following a very supportive visit from HMIE, we can now focus our attentions on driving forward with our improvement priorities.  It has been a very busy term for pupils and staff, there been exciting learning and teaching, preparation for our winter festivities, appearing in concerts and making our wonderful digital advent calendar, all of which you will see on our website.  Once again, a big thank you to Keith and Emmeline for their continued contribution to our musical endeavours!

Now, we move on to the holidays and I am mindful of the need to take time for ourselves over the Christmas period.  We are still faced with the ongoing issues and potentially further restrictions that this pandemic brings.  Therefore, it is important that we look after our health and wellbeing as we need to be reinvigorated for the year ahead.  We want to be able to welcome our whole school community back in January.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, pupils, parents, friends and staff of Orchard Brae for your continued support and wish you and your loved ones a restful Christmas and a New Year that brings health and happiness.


Important dates

  • Last day of school – Tuesday 21st December 2021
  • First day back – Thursday 6th January 2022
  • Mid-term holiday – Monday 14th February 2022
  • In-service day – Tuesday 15 February 2022
  • In-service day – Wednesday 16 February 2022
  • Term ends – Friday 1 April 2022

Christmas Jumper Day 2021

To celebrate Save The Children’s Christmas jumper day, the pupil council challenged classes to make real Christmas jumpers using as many recycled or sustainable materials as possible.  Room 12 used it as a learning opportunity to “respect other people’s choices”. And I’m sure you will agree the results are fabulous. 

Up-cycling in Room 16

Room 16 have been preparing their up-cycled Christmas jumper for Christmas Jumper Day next week. We made a Christmas tree template and stuck it onto our jumper then used our hands to paint on with green for the tree, red and yellow for the baubles and lights then we used a pom-pom to bad some gold sparkly paint for the star on top. When we peeled off the template we could see our beautiful tree!  It gave us the opportunity to practise turn taking as we had to work one at a time on our jumper. We are excited to display it for all our friends to see and to see the other classes creativity with their eco-friendly jumpers.

The Book Fairy Visits

We had a lot of fun at Orchard Brae today, the Book Fairy visited us leaving copies of ‘A Boy called Christmas’ by Matt Haig around the school. The book is part of a nationwide book-drop to coincide with the film coming out today!

Lots of our classes had fun searching for the books, here are some of the ones we found!

Thank you Book Fairy (and Matt Haig), we will really enjoy reading the book during our school Winter Festival.

Special Events in Room 15

Room 15 have been learning about time by exploring when special events occur as part of our ASDAN (mathematics) work recently.  We used symbol information to work out when different special events take place, including Fireworks night, St Andrews Day and Christmas, as well our class birthdays, and added this information to our calendars.

We’re now extending this with our ASDAN ICT project to use ICT to prepare for a special occasion – we’re filming our Christmas video!  (Too early?!?)

We voted for our preferred song choice on the interactive board and we’re exploring different ways to share communication relating to the song – through signing, using our AAC, through our actions – and recording this together.  We’ll also be using technology in our video, switching on Christmas lights and using a camera.

We’ve had lots of fun going through our Christmas resources too, lots of fabulous sensory opportunities with tinsel, hats, baubles and more!