Making Magic In Room 4

As part of our topic, Disney, Room 4 have been exploring the story of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

First, we listened to the story and then became Sorcerer’s ourselves! We investigated the magic wand, hat and cape before creating our own potions. We choose a colour, added magic dust (bicarbonate of soda) and a very smelly magic ingredient (vinegar) before watching the potion bubble up before our eyes.

Welcome To Room 4

Room 4 has enjoyed settling into the new school year and our new classroom. We have particularly enjoyed exploring the school’s new sensory room. The switch activated bubble tube and the sensory light curtains are a hit with our young learners. Our focus on “Disney” this term has allowed us to create some fantastic Mickey Mouse themed art. We used rollers, sponges and paint splats with a Mickey silhouette to create a display for our classroom. Following the Disney theme we have been using Disney song massage for relaxation time. 

Planting with Room 4

In room 4 we went out to the polly tunnel and planted our pea seeds. The boys were very interested to see the seeds and investigate the soil. We will need to remember to water them to make sure they grow! This will give them the experience of looking after plants and if we are lucky their hard work will pay off and we will see the plants growing!

A Messy Child is a Happy Child with Room 4

A messy child is a happy child. 

We learn so much through making a mess in room 4! We have been making play dough and the children love being a part of the process and investigating all of the different ingredients needed. We learn lots of maths skills such as measuring and counting. 

We have also had lots of fun making marks during messy play with foam and food colouring. Being able to make marks helps us to develop our early literacy skills. 

We also decorated some biscuits just before Valentine’s day for some messy fun! During this activity we were learning to share resources and space with our peers. 

Up in the Air with Room 4

Exploring our topic of “Up in the air” 

We have been exploring our topic of “Up in the air” in room 4. We are looking at what animals are in the air. We have been using our mark making skills and our fine motor skills to create some wonderful artwork. 

To make butterfly pictures we used our mark making skills to spread paint and then folded over to make a symmetrical design.

We made a honeycomb design by spreading paint on some bubble wrap and then printing this on to our printed honeycomb design in relation to bees.  

We made bees too! We wrapped yellow and black yarn around a bee shape to do this. 

The seagulls were very happy that we made some bird feeders. We used seeds and lard mixed together and stuck them to a pine cone. 

As part of our sensory story “Up, up, up” we have been using a prop of an umbrella that has twinkly lights to turn on when a switch is pressed. We have been enjoying exploring this. 

Christmas Spirit

Room 4 have been getting into the Christmas spirit while using fine motor skills. We made Christmas decorations with outdoor ed and put them on the school Christmas tree. Salt dough decorations have been made and painted. Melted snowman art was lots of fun as well as Christmas cards. 

Exploration In Room 4

Room 4 have been working on exploring their mark making skills in class. The children have been making amazing progress with this as you can see.

The pupils have also been exploring different technologies and how we use them. We decided to use a blender to make some tasty smoothies using milk, strawberries and bananas. It passed the taste test!