Up in the Air with Room 4

Exploring our topic of “Up in the air” 

We have been exploring our topic of “Up in the air” in room 4. We are looking at what animals are in the air. We have been using our mark making skills and our fine motor skills to create some wonderful artwork. 

To make butterfly pictures we used our mark making skills to spread paint and then folded over to make a symmetrical design.

We made a honeycomb design by spreading paint on some bubble wrap and then printing this on to our printed honeycomb design in relation to bees.  

We made bees too! We wrapped yellow and black yarn around a bee shape to do this. 

The seagulls were very happy that we made some bird feeders. We used seeds and lard mixed together and stuck them to a pine cone. 

As part of our sensory story “Up, up, up” we have been using a prop of an umbrella that has twinkly lights to turn on when a switch is pressed. We have been enjoying exploring this. 

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