Planting Time in our Afternoon Nursery at Howes Road

It’s that time of year again to look out the gardening gloves, trowels and spades and to start growing. Firstly we examined our sunflower seeds, then we filled our little containers with compost, poked our little seeds under the soil and finished off by watering them. Now it’s time to tend our little seeds and watch them grow.

Birdwatch Week in our afternoon nursery at Howes Road

We learned all about birds during Birdwatch Week. We started by making pictures of birds with colourful feathers and we listened to a sensory story called ‘Learning to Fly’ – we had such fun with the bird puppet it made us laugh and we touched a little egg in a nest. Most of us loved exploring the texture of birdseed and then we made mixed it with lard to make birdcakes. We had a bus outing to Hazlehead Woods where we collected twigs to make nest pictures,  listened to the birds while exploring the woods and set out the birdcakes for the birds.

Exploring vegetables and soup making in the morning nursery at Ashgrove

The morning children at Ashgrove have been very busy learning about vegetables. They went on a shopping trip to select and purchase the ingredients required for making soup. Once back at Nursery they had the opportunity to explore and cut the vegetables in our interest table. Some children were particularly engaged and interested. They were able to make and taste the soup during snack. To extend their interest and learning they were given the opportunity to make lovely pictures using the vegetables.

Orchard Brae @ Ashgrove afternoon nursery celebrated Burn’s Day and Chinese New Year

The afternoon children at Orchard Brae @ Ashgrove have been participating in “Burns Day” and “Chinese New Year” celebrations.  They had the opportunity to make tartan pictures and thistles as well as Chinese writing.  They were able to try the traditional Burns supper of “Haggis, Neeps and Tatties” followed by shortbread which they had decorated. Some of the children were not impressed with this Scottish dish. The Chinese food proved more popular and they particularly enjoyed trying to pick up the noodles and rice with the chopsticks.

Having a busy time in our morning nursery at Howes Road

The children in Nursery have had a very busy time! They have enjoyed welcoming new friends into the playroom and playing together to explore snow –brrr! We love PE with Salvador, climbing and jumping and kicking a ball. We made our own playdough to play with and went drumming in the hall –bang, bang, bang!! No wonder we are tired by the time we get home!