Orchard Brae Nursery Howes Road – November News

We have had a busy time in nursery in November. We participated in Bonfire night activities  painting with bright colours, popping bubble wrap with our feet, hands and wheels and activating light projectors using switches to make patterns on the walls. 

The children have been engaging in a variety of activities and discovering how they can make things move or make things happen. We did this by pushing, pulling, squeezing and tapping. We used a switch to activate the food mixer and the bubble tubes and everyone had fun playing the Apps on the Magic Carpet, to make the icons disappear and reappear through movement. 

We celebrated St. Andrews day over the week. The children enjoyed playing with oats, emptying and filling and pretending to cook with them. We dressed up using tartan, and danced to Ceilidh Music in the hall. We continued our theme of pushing and rolling using vehicles in paint to make Tartan patterns and then finished off the week making oatcakes and tasted them for snack.

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