Colour day in Butterfly room

The Butterfly Room had a busy term before the holidays. We’ve been engaging in various activities and our colour day was a hit. The children had lots of fun pouring and watching the rainbow rice fall into the tray. They made beautiful handprints using different coloured paints, painted the autumn leaves and stuck them to the wooden tree. Using the pipette for colouring the cotton petals was a little bit tricky while the yellow, red, brown cooked pasta was quite sticky but the children manoeuvred their ways around them. 

Children enjoyed some lovely numeracy experience through sorting and stacking the various shapes according to their colours. The  beautiful balloons added more colour to the day. 

A Busy Term In Room 8

We have had a busy Term 1 in room 8 and are excited to get going with term 2. In Term 1 we were getting used to the new things. For some children the room was new. For others it was staff that were new and the children had some peers they hadn’t been in a class with before. Everyone has settled into room 8 very well! We have been exploring our topic of Disney/showtime and have been making a start on working on our targets. 

The children have adjusted well to the routine we have developed in room 8. They enjoy the outdoor area just outside room 8 that has a slide and a see saw to play with, as well as a scooter and a trike. The children have been enjoying the usual activities we are able to have across the school week such as swimming and PE. 

In Term 2 we will be continuing the topic of Disney/Showtime until we hit December where winter festivities will take over! 

Salt Dough Crafting in Room 16!

One of our ASDAN modules this term is to make something using a new and different material so we made some salt dough decorations. We transferred the skills we usually use when making and playing with play dough to squish and roll out the dough. Then we used our cutters to cut out some fun shapes before using a straw to make a hole for hanging it up. It was so much fun squeezing the dough!

Then we practised our waiting skills because they took A LONG TIME to harden. We checked on them throughout the week and then finally, they were ready to paint. Instead of brushes, we made choices between using pompoms and pegs or our hands and fingers to apply paint to our decorations. Everyone did a fab job and I think the decorations turned out great!

A Busy Term In The Ladybird Room

We have had a busy start to the year in the Ladybird room. We welcomed some new children to the playroom and we are all very much enjoying getting to know each other. Everyone in the Ladybird room loves to be outside in the nursery garden, whatever the weather. When outside we all have an amazing time exploring and investigating the different areas of the garden. Being outside has many benefits and we are always thrilled by the ways in which the children use their imagination, creativity and problem solving skills while they naturally engage with the learning activities on offer, such as water play, den building, loose parts, a mud kitchen, sand pit, bikes and trikes to name a few. 

Howes Hoose Enterprise 

Pupils in Howes Hoose have begun their soup enterprise project and already have lots of happy customers!  Pupils are involved in every aspect of making and selling the soup. Work begins with going round the school to ask who would like soup that week, a great chance to practise interacting with less familiar people. Next is shopping for ingredients and then making the soup in the Hoose. Selling the soup is another opportunity for practising communication skills as well as handling money. We then do some learning activities around the money we have raised! 

The first week we made leek and tattie soup with tatties we grew ourselves in Outdoor Education – it was a hit! 

All about me!

In Room 1 at Ashgrove Nursery for our first term we have been learning all about ourselves.  We have been looking at the different parts of our bodies and their names. We used our hands and feet to explore some paint and make prints with these. After we made footprints we tried out the foot spa to clean them, it was lots of fun. We have also been moving to music with body awareness to help identify our head, arms, hands and feet.

We also made family trees and displayed them for everyone to see.

We Had a Blast with “MESS” at Orchard Brae School!

Hello from Room 6!

Last week, we had a fantastic time with the show MESS by Tenterhooks. The story was fun and full of surprises. Imagine a bunch of cleaners dancing and singing about how good they are at cleaning. But then, one cleaner finds a pink glove when all the others are yellow. This tiny mix-up leads to a big, fun mess!

The head cleaner gets caught up in the mess and turns into a colourful, messy creature. Everyone starts having a great time, dancing, and celebrating the joy of a little chaos.

What was cool about MESS was that it wasn’t just something to watch – it was an experience. The show gave us moments to think, feel, and join in. Sometimes, the cleaners would show us how to use props like buttons or gloves. 

Show Highlights:

  • No speaking, just action
  • Cool sounds and music
  • Neat lights with mirrors and LEDs 
  • Awesome group singing
  • Interactive props for the audience: Big Mack button, rubber glove, vibrating speaker

Oh, and the best part? We could take the pink glove to the classroom! It’s like a small gift to remember the fun we had.

Thanks to everyone who made this show happen. It was a day to remember!

Exploring Food In Room 17

Since returning from the summer holidays, Room 17 have enjoyed settling into our classroom and making some new friends. We have particularly enjoyed exploring some different food textures and making some beautiful artwork with them. This has included using some homegrown tatties from our garden to make prints, and cauliflower heads as effective prints for leaves for an autumnal picture.