Creativity in Room 13

The students in room 13 decided that they would like to make a pumpkin model of the school bus for the school pumpkin competition.

They were very interested in how this could be done and Harley especially had a lot of good ideas for me while I was carving.

 Unfortunately, we didn’t take a photo of the finished bus with all the students in it.  You just can’t get the staff!

Also Darren, Darja, Ross and Antonio helped to print off pictures of Halloween scenes in the neighbourhood and set up a display at the main door.

Join In The Festive Fun!!!

This festive season, our expressive arts elves – sorry, team 🧑‍🎄 – have been busy supporting classes in creating videos for a Christmas Countdown Calendar. However, for the final video they need your help!

They are looking for as many people as possible to be involved in the ‘Rockin Around The Christmas Tree’ video including all staff, parents and partner agencies.

To get you started, Keith and Emmeline have filmed an example including makaton signing.

To get involved we would like you to film excerpts of yourself signing or dancing along with the song which will then be edited together to create the final window on the Orchard Brae advent calendar.

Here is some filming information on the best way to film your excerpt.

Once you have your final video, please email it to Keith or Emmeline via their gw emails:

Hallowe’en In Room 6

Room 6 had a great time during the week of Hallowe’en!

Early in the week we made our own pumpkin – we scraped out the seeds, drew a number 6 on one side and a face on the other, cut them both out and then put our pumpkin in the school “pumpkin patch”.

On the Friday we had a Hallowe’en party!! We dressed up and played Hallowe’en games. We played dookin’ for apples and bagel on a string. No-one wanted to stop bagel on a string – maybe because the bagel had biscoff on it!!

Orienteering In Room 2

With Scott, room 2 have been learning the skills involved in Orienteering.

We all enjoy learning outside; following the route; looking for the orienteering flags in the playground; being first to find the flag; selecting the flag numbers (and correct colour) and matching them to the appropriate number on the orienteering board.

Room 2’s class team are very proud of all the pupils and how quickly they have learnt the skills involved.

Parent Consultation: Restructure of ASN and Outreach Services

Aberdeen City Council is currently seeking your views on the new proposed restructured ASN and Outreach Service.

Our ASN services require to be more responsive to learners needs across the city, to achieve this, our services need a clear structure which advocates consistency and a shared vision. Recent recommendations Scottish ASN review have been considered in the restructuring. The business case attached outlines our proposal for the structure and management of ASN and Outreach Services. 

Please use the link to provide us with feedback. Feedback Form Please note the consultation period ends on 23rd December 2020.

The review of Scotland’s ASN can be found here.  

Room 16 Learning to Care for Plants

As part of our ASDAN work we are learning how to care for a plant. We had fun smelling and tasking a variety of different herbs. There were a few we weren’t a fan of and we made some funny faces when we tasted them! Everyone chose their favourite one to look after for the rest of the term and we will be checking them regularly to keep them growing healthy and strong. 

Inspirational Art in Room 12

Inspired by the work of a young artist called Noah (aka Background Bob) we are going to embark on a collaboration with other artists to create pieces of art.

During lockdown, Noah and his family created some backgrounds which were sent to artists around the world (including our teacher, Gemma).  They painted on top of the background and now the paintings are in an exhibition and a book!

We are going to work with local people and create backgrounds for them to paint on.

We will explore paint and ways of applying it and then contact people to collaborate with.

You can see some of Noah’s collaborations on his Instagram page:

Exploring Autumn In Room 4

In room 4 we have been learning about Autumn and Halloween!

We have carved our pumpkin and explored the inside of it!

We did activities based around the book “Room on the Broom”.

We have had lots of fun outdoors looking for signs of autumn!