Rain Cloud in a Jar: A Memorable Experiment in Room 6

Introduction: This week in Room 6, our vibrant classroom dedicated to our incredible pupils, we embarked on an exciting journey to understand the magic behind rain clouds. Through the ‘Rain Cloud in a Jar’ experiment, our pupils experienced first hand the beauty of cloud formation and precipitation, making abstract concepts tangible and interactive.

Setting the Scene: The tables were adorned with clear jars, each waiting to hold its miniature sky. Pupils gathered around with twinkling eyes, eager to dive into the day’s experiment.

Materials We Used:

  • Clear jars for every pupil
  • Shaving cream
  • Blue food colouring
  • Water
  • Pipettes

Our Step-by-Step Adventure:

  1. Creating the Sky: Each jar was filled about three-quarters with water. This acted as our atmosphere, a canvas for our clouds and rain.
  2. Cloud Formation: Pupils added with some support, a dollop of shaving cream atop the water, giggling as the fluffy “cloud” floated.
  3. Rainfall Begins: A few drops of blue food colouring were mixed with water, and pupils, using their pipettes, gently added this mix onto their shaving cream clouds.
  4. Magic Unfolds: The room was filled with gasps and smiles as the blue “rain” seeped through the clouds and cascaded down into the jars, beautifully mimicking a rainy day.

Behind the Magic: We learned together that clouds in our skies hold water. When they can’t hold anymore, they release it as rain. In our experiment, the shaving cream represented these clouds, and the blue water was our rain. When the clouds (shaving cream) became too heavy, they let the rain (blue water) fall.

Moments of Joy:

  • Touch and Feel: Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed the tactile experience, from the shaving cream’s softness to the water’s coolness.
  • Visual Delight: Watching the transformation from a plain jar of water to a weather phenomenon was a treat for all eyes.
  • Learning Together: This simple experiment provided an avenue for understanding complex concepts, proving that learning has no boundaries.

Reflecting on Room 6’s Experience: Our ‘Rain Cloud in a Jar’ experiment was more than just an activity; it was a testament to our pupils’ boundless curiosity and capabilities in Room 6. While we dabbled with water, shaving cream, and food colouring, we uncovered lessons about patience, observation, and the wonders of nature. Here’s to many more weeks of discovery, learning, and joy!

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