Melting A Snowman In Room 6

In Room 6, we’ve been on an exciting journey exploring the wonders of water in nature, and we couldn’t wait to share the highlights with you!

One of our recent and engaging activities involved the enchanting process of melting a snowman. This hands-on experience allowed our little ones to witness the magical transformation of snow into water. Each child had the opportunity to take turns building the snowman and using blow dryers to melt it. The activity provided a fun and interactive experience and instilled the valuable skill of sharing among the children.

As they giggled and watched the snowman transform, our pupils also learned new words in Makaton, a fantastic tool for communication. Words like “cold” and “hot” became a part of their vocabulary, adding an exciting linguistic element to their snowy adventure.

We believe in making learning a joyful experience, and this activity perfectly combines fun, interaction, and skill development. Seeing our little learners embracing new experiences and acquiring essential social skills is heartwarming.

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