Story Of The Week: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

Our Story Of the Week is ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ by Ronda and David Armitage.  In this story, Mr. Grinling, the lighthouse keeper, finds himself in a disagreement with some ravenous seagulls. See how he comes out on top with a little help from Mrs. Grinling.

You can read and listen along to the story at: 

There are also activities which you can complete each day which cover a range of curricular areas.  We would love to know how you get on and if you would like to share you photos, videos or comments with our school community, please email:

Amy Dunnett (Principal Teacher Primary)

Template For Lighthouse:

Story Word Mat

3 Dimensional Lighthouse Model

**Please note that these additional resources can also be downloaded from**

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