Music With Emmeline – Monday 30th March

Here are today’s musical activities with Emmeline.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Vocal Warm- up: Humming to Singing 

This week’s vocal warm-up is going to be practising humming into singing.

See if you can put your lips together and make a tickly humming sound which gradually gets louder and turns into an ‘ahh’ sound that you are singing. Try doing this along with Emmeline first at different volumes and then try it at home. It is a brilliant exercise to build confidence and you can practise it anywhere!

Touch the Sky: Part 1 – Chorus 

The Makaton song we are going to be learning this week is ‘Touch the Sky’ by Julie Fowlis from the film Brave. This was a new song recently for the Makaton Choir at Orchard Brae School, so now is the perfect opportunity to perfect it! Today we are going to learn the chorus for this song.

I will ride, I will fly

Chase the wind and touch the sky

I will fly

Chase the wind and touch the sky.

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