Room 12 Birdie Dance

Room 12 have been exploring photography this term.  We have had great fun with digital cameras, eyegaze cameras and ipad cameras.  We decided to use our skills and take photos and video for Easter.  We decided to show you all how to do the Birdie Dance.

We hope you have a lovely Easter and enjoy this classic dance.


Room 12 have been looking at snowflakes, since we are in the middle of winter and expecting some flurries!

We have learned Makaton signs for winter and warm clothing and made snowflakes using lolly sticks and resources we chose ourselves to decorate them.

We watched videos that showed how snowflakes are formed, the different shapes of snowflakes (more than we thought!) and saw some time-lapse clips of them.

Here are some photos of our science activity. We mixed salt and glue and made a snowflake shape on card with this substance. We let this dry overnight and the next day used pipettes and blue food colouring to slowly drip on to our snowflakes. We enjoyed watching the salt soak up the blue and spread all over – just like creating our very own time-lapse!

Story Time in Room 12

Room 12 listened very carefully to our story “A Funny Thing Happened on the way to School” by Benjamin Chaud and Davide Cali. 

The story is all about  a child making excuses for being late for school…one of which is a giant ape mistaking the school bus for a banana!

We made our own collage apes using different materials – leather, felt, wool, crepe, sticky paper, tissue paper etc. They look fab on the wall outside our classroom!

The teachers are hoping the Room 12 pupils haven’t picked up any good excuses for coming in late now…

Planting and Growing in Room 12

This week we have been doing some growing to coincide with 30 Days Wild:

We have made some decoupage pots and will be planting something in them next week (possibly alpine strawberries if the cuttings take!)

We also planted bean pots inside a paper tube, with some beans on the outside. This means the plant will grow inside the tube but we also will see the roots growing on the beans on the outside.

We are then going on to make and grow cress caterpillars!

Settling Back in Room 12

We have been getting back into the swing since returning to school.

One thing we have enjoyed is our Wednesday yoga sessions. Here we see one of our young people really enjoying the one to one yoga with Hannah who understands the needs of our class perfectly. One of our class always greets her with “Namaste”, now without prompting!

We have been choosing what we would like to do in class time. This can be through use of symbols, pictures, signing, verbally or in the case of this picture, by switch. Here, one of our pupils is choosing the song he would like to hear.