Improving the School Grounds with Howes Hoose

In Howes Hoose, our work with Daniel from Aberdeen City Council Parks Department has continued. As part of our SQA Personal Achievement Award we are working on a Community Activity. With support and guidance from Daniel, we are working to develop our school garden and grounds. We’ve been extremely busy and have planted 3600 seeds! We have planted peas, beans, pumpkins, radishes and cornflowers. We look forward to seeing them brighten things up and tasting our wares when they are ready!


Active Schools Curling Festival

Pupils enjoyed taking part in the curling festival at Curl Aberdeen. We rotated around 6 different stations and had the opportunity to try different activities. Everyone tried pushing the stones at skittles, targets and playing a game of curling. We all had different strengths: some of us were very good at aiming for the centre of the target, gently pushing the curling stones with just the right amount of force, while others were very good at skittles due to our ability to push the curling stone a long way.

New Appointment: Orchard Brae Environmental Officer

We are pleased to announce that a pupil from Howes Hoose has been appointed Environmental Officer for the school. He will be responsible for monitoring the litter in the school playground, in the Community and in the wider Community of Aberdeen, a big job. We have already noticed some fly-tipping in the area which will be reported to the Council.

Please help us to look after our environment!

Thank you.

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We went to visit the fantastic recycling facilities in Aberdeen. We would like to encourage you all to reduce your waste, re-use items or give them to someone who can re-use them like a Charity Shop, or recycle them. Thank you.

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Thank You From Howes Hoose

The students and staff in Howes Hoose would like to thank everyone that supported and came along to their fundraiser in February at the Sunnybank Social Club.

We would also like to thank everyone who donated to the raffle – there are honestly too many to mention! We were overwhelmed with the gifts, vouchers and hotel stays that were donated.

We raised a total of £2500 on the night and are still filling in the Pick A Date calendar to win a signed Aberdeen Football Club top and football. The money raised will go towards supporting the students working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Scotland award and trips to the Bendrigg Trust.

Spring Fundraiser

Some students from North East Scotland College have kindly arranged a Spring Afternoon Tea Fundraiser in aid of Orchard Brae.
The event is being held Jaffs Bar and Restaurant in Dunecht on Saturday 27th April from 2-4pm. Tickets are priced at £15 and are available from Howes Hoose.
Any donations for the raffle would also be gratefully received and can be handed into Howes Hoose.


Ragbag Collection

The pupils in Room 16 have been working hard on our Ragbag project for 18 months now.  We are delighted to confirm that we have raised approximately £900 for the school fund (that’s more than 2 tonnes of clothing that have been saved from landfill!).

Rag bag is a Scottish textile and clothing recycling scheme.  Items are graded according to their quality at their premises in Falkirk.  Wearable items are sent to developing countries as 2nd hand clothing, items which may have been torn or damaged recycled and become carpet underlay or industrial cleaning cloths or even mattress lining.  Either way they are kept from landfill.

There are 3 collection schemes, 1: send bags home, 2: inside collection bin (at school front office) and 3: external collection bin.  We are proud to say that we have all 3 schemes in operation.

We collect clothes, pairs of shoes, belts and bags.

So this Spring, as you clear out your winter wardrobe, feel free to fill a bag of rags for us!

Howes Hoose Plant the School Logo

A team member from the Parks Department at Aberdeen City Council came to work with Howes Hoose pupils. We were asked to design a flower bed. He then took all our designs and put them together to make the design for the new flower bed. We set to work planting daffodil bulbs in the shape of an O for Orchard Brae. Over the next few weeks we will plant out more bulbs to make the B, put down bark in the shape of the hands on our badge and finally plant more bulbs to finish the design. Please look out for the flowers as they begin to grow on the bank at the far side of the car park over the next few months. Many thanks to the Parks Deparment for helping us with this project. We are looking forward to working with them every second Tuesday.

New Work Experience Placements for Howes Hoose

A new term and a new work placement for one young man who started working at Airyhall Community Centre this week. His main job is to help Karen keep the Centre clean and tidy especially the toddlers play area; those of you who have little children will know how difficult this is!

Well done on a positive and enthusiastic start.