Bedtime Story – Thursday 14th May

Welcome to tonight’s bedtime story.  Every week night we will bring you a bedtime story for you to watch and listen to.  The stories are read by staff and pupils and we hope you enjoy seeing some familiar faces and hearing some familiar voices.

If you would like to join in and record a new bedtime story to share, please contact Amy Dunnett (Principal Teacher Primary) for more information.

So get comfy and cuddle up because it’s time for a new Bedtime Story. Tonight’s story is…

This Bus Is For Us (written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Gillian Tyler)

It’s always fun to go travelling but will you travel far by car or take the train when it starts to rain?  You could always go on a trip on a ship, or what about flying to the moon in a hot-air balloon? But…which way is best for us?

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