Music With Emmeline – Thursday 14th May

Here are today’s musical activities from Emmeline.

Familiar Song: She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain

Almost everyone is familiar with the song “She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain”. Today we are going to be making up our own version of the song and encourage you to come up with your own version afterwards. After she has come round the mountain we are thinking about;

    1. What did she travel on?
    2. What was she wearing?
    3. What did she have to eat?
    4. What did she have to drink?

After you have listened to Emmeline’s version of the song can you come up with your own version?

All The Small Things: Part 4 – Verse 3

This is the last verse of All the Small things we need to learn before we put the whole song together tomorrow. Luckily we already know the first two lines of it!

Say it ain’t so, I will not go
Turn the lights off, carry me home
Keep your head still, I’ll be your thrill
The night will go on, my little windmill

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