World of Work with Room 15

Room 15 have been exploring different jobs recently as part of our ASDAN units.  Through role play we have explored jobs that members of our families or the people who work with us do.

We role played being oil rig workers by donning high-vis vests, hard hats and practicing our communication of “stop” and “go” as we ran “oil” (water) down ramps and collected them in buckets.

We role played being chefs and bakers by practicing our hand-washing skills, putting on aprons (because we learned hygiene is very important for a chef!) and measuring out ingredients into a bowl and mixing them.  This gave an opportunity to work on “more” and “finished” with our communication systems too!



One pupil had some additional work experience shadowing the teacher for bucket time – she explained what was happening for bucket time and sang our bucket time song.

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