World Book Day 2020

We have been very busy celebrating World Book Day this week and classes have had lots of fun with a range of different activities taking place.

This year’s theme was Share A Story and we have had great fun sharing our favourite books with each other.


Room 3 have had a very busy week celebrating World Book Day.  Some of the pupils have been trialling a new bit of software on one of the brand new GridPads called Look to Read.  Here is a wonderful video of one of our pupils who is accessing the GridPad with Eye Gaze reading a story on it for the very first time!

As you can see, she understood very quickly that she had to look at the words as they turned red to hear them and then watched the animations closely.  This is very hard work and despite this, this young lady then proudly shared this work by reading the whole story to her friends in class.  We are excited to share this software with more friends in school.

They also enjoyed a trip to our local library, where they had the opportunity to look at and share lots of new books.

Room 15 were exploring stories using Attention Autism.  They enjoyed finding out about The Tiger Who Came To Tea, Super Tato and The Very Hungry Caterpillar and they also had a wee competition to see how high a tower they could build with books.

Some of our pupils have even been sharing stories at home too!

We hope everyone has had a fun week and enjoyed sharing a story as part of World Book Day!

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