The benefits of playing shop in Room 8

Pretend play makes up a very important part of our class activities. It allows our group to play different roles and test our pupils’ reactions and responses to different situations. Playing shop is great for this type of activity-based learning.

Our pupils had as much fun setting up the shop as they did playing shop, and they learned an awful lot too!

Children had fun being supported writing the main shop sign, collecting things that can be ‘sold’ in the shop.

We had a little play-till for our shop and the kids loved punching in numbers and calling out the prices of things. They priced things with labels and practised writing numbers too. They started to understand how price and value differ from item to item.

We used play money giving coins (£1 and £2) and notes (£5 and £10) in exchange for items that they ‘bought’ from the shop. This was a great way to introduce the concept of money and trade.

Of course, every shop needs to be in good order if the customers are going to be able to find things! Perhaps all the food should go on one shelf and toiletries on another. Therefore, we got some great plastic food items like fruits and vegetables that helped the children to play and identify, or sort, different items.

Next step for our pupils is to use some real fruit and veg, bread and cans to get ready them to ‘buy’ themselves a healthy snack/lunch.

In Room 8 we know the value of pretend play, and encourage the fun times and learning experiences that activity-based play can bring. So, you could help us upcycling some household items and collecting some baskets and paper shopping bags for our learner’s very own shop. Thank you in advance.

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