Remote Learning in the Secondary Department

While we very much miss seeing our young people in person, it’s lovely to receive your e-mail updates sharing the learning that you’re doing in or around your homes. We hope you’re benefiting from the learning ideas our teachers are sending out. Please remember to let us know what’s going down well (or not) and if there’s anything you’d like more of. We’ll do our best to accommodate your individual needs.


Life Skills

Life skills is a big focus in the secondary curriculum and young people are encouraged to be as independent as possible. It’s great to hear that this is carrying on at home with support being offered in day-to-day activities around the home.


Leisure Time

Learning is important, but equally so is leisure and relaxation. Although we’re all adjusting to things, these are challenging times and it’s important for everyone in the family to take time to relax in whatever suits. Our mental health and wellbeing is very important at all times, but particularly just now.



Clap for Carers

Some of us have joined our families and neighbours in clapping and making lots of noise to show support for all the carers and keyworkers who continue to work in our hospitals and communities just now.


Enjoying the Outdoors

Naomi sent home a recipe for Dandelion Honey a couple of weeks ago. Dandelions can be the bane of your life if you’re a gardener, but this may let you see them in a different light. Give it a go and let us know how you get on!


Looking After Myself

It’s important to look after ourselves. Tempting as it is to stay in your PJs as there’s nothing to get dressed for, getting up, showered and dressed can make you feel so much better about things if you’re having a down day. It’s good to see our young people from Howes Hoose continuing to take pride in their appearance. We’re also taking care of our physical health and continuing our physiotherapy and MOVE work at home.


Have a good week and please share your photos with us (via our GMail accounts) if you’d like to feature on the website. I’m sure your friends would love to see you!


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