Pyjama Day in Room 15

With icy weather meaning we couldn’t go out for our last bus outing of the term, Class 15 decided to bring a special treat to class instead.  On Tuesday we had a pyjama day, watching a Christmas movie in our pjs!

Ksenia helped to warm milk for our snack (we added a cinnamon stick for a Christmas treat) and we made healthy popcorn in class (as well as carrot stick “chips”!) – the popcorn made our classroom smell just like the cinema.  We used our  coin recognition skills to “buy” a ticket for our film too.  We then relaxed with every blanket and pillow we could find to watch “Santa Claus: The Movie”.

Everyone enjoyed our end of term treat, and in the afternoon continued with the Christmas theme as we made our Christmas cards and used AAC to communicate who we wanted our card to be for.

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