Life Skills in Room 15

In Room 15 we have been working hard on applying our learning to recognisable contexts that will support our functional independence in the wider community.  In particular, we have been making fantastic progress with our shopping skills.

Each pupil uses a symbol shopping list to know what they need to look for, with a personalised focus – whilst some of us work to match the shop items to the symbols, others are counting, labelling colours, comparing big and little or choosing flavours from the available selection.  Our symbol-shopping lists are relatively recent but the class are already demonstrating familiarity with how to use them as we promptly and accurately find the items we need to find.  This also gives us an opportunity to develop our reading skills as we identify information from (symbol-supported) text and apply our communication skills including using our communication devices.

Once we have found all of the items on our list we go to pay for our items.  As before, each of us has individual targets – some are working on matching one coin with another, but some of us have recently progressed to beginning to label a small range of coins.

The whole class has shown notable progress in recent weeks in these skills which we can take with us as we explore our wider world.

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