Wellbeing Supports For Parents, Pupils And Staff

Below you will find links to documents and websites which you may find helpful in supporting yourself, your family and your child in preparing for returning to school.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of resources and should you find anything you feel would be beneficial to share, please let us know.

Psychological Resilience Hub
The Psychological Resilience Hub is for anyone who is struggling with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting their psychological wellbeing. The service is for anyone in Grampian or Orkney. 
The Hub is there to provide a short course of psychological first aid (between 1-3 sessions) to help adults, young people and their families manage feelings that have become difficult during COVID 19. This may include providing signposting to useful information and advice regarding where to access longer-term support if needed.
Callers do not need to have had COVID themselves as the impact of the pandemic has impacted on all of us in lots of different ways.
Callers may have had difficulties that were previously manageable or may have never had concerns about their mental well-being but, with the pressures of COVID, are now experiencing difficulties coping.
Please note: The Psychological Resilience Hub is NOT an emergency service. If you or someone you care about is at significant risk of harm to themselves or others, then please contact NHS 24 by calling 111 or contact your GP surgery. Please also note:
The PRH will try and contact callers quickly (within 7 days if you are in significant distress and within 3 weeks otherwise).

  • Callers can help by providing as many options as possible for when the PRH reaches them.
  • When the PRH calls, the number will not show up on the phone, it will come up as ‘withheld’.

Let’s Introduce Anxiety Management (LIAM) & Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Wellbeing Links For Parents

Aberdeen City Educational Psychology Service Support for Parents and Carers

Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing Support (nhsgrampian.org)

Guide To Living With Worry And Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty

The Autism Toolbox – Supporting Children And Young People During Coronavirus

Parent Zone Scotland – Supporting The Mental Health Of Children And Young People

CAMHS Team Grampian Webinar Presentation – Adjustment And Return To School

CAMHS Team Grampian – Covid-19 Resources

CAMHS Team Grampian – Podcasts

CAMHS Team Grampian – Covid-19 Resource Pack For Parents

It’s Ok To Find Parenting Hard During Covid-19 – Resource Pack For Parents

CAMHS UK – Covid-19 Resources

National Autism Implementation Team – Return To School

ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support) – Covid-19 Resources

Anna Freud – Managing Transitions Back To School

NHS Scotland – The Solihull Approach Online Training

Padlet – Resources For Individuals With Complex Needs

Salvesen Mindroom Resources

Wellbeing Links For Pupils


My Return To School – Circles Of Control

Socially Distancing Greetings

Baby Shark – Wash Your Hands

Salvesen Mindroom – Return To School Workbook

Coronavirus – A Book For Children

Social Story – Returning To School In August (Scotland)

Mind Heart Kids – Hello, I Am Coronavirus

Resilience Alphabet

It’s Ok To Worry About Coronavirus – Resource Pack For Under 12’s

It’s Ok To Worry About Coronavirus – Resource Pack For Teenagers

It’s Ok To Worry About Coronavirus – Resource Pack For Those With Learning Difficulties

It’s Ok To Find Changes Hard To Cope With – Resource Pack For Those With Autism

Wellbeing Links For Staff

While staff may find many of the supports for parents and pupils beneficial and of interest, here are a few that are aimed more specifically towards staff.

Aberdeen City Educational Psychology Service Support for School Staff

Christmas Wellbeing for Staff

Staff Wellbeing – glowscotland.org.uk

Covid-19 Advice For Supporting Children And Young People

Education Workforce – Professional Learning And Wellbeing Support

De-Escalation Strategies With Social Distancing

PSHE Association – Health And Wellbeing Scottish Curriculum

NHS Scotland – Working With Children, Young People And Families

Education Scotland – Supporting The Positive Mental Wellbeing Of Children And Young People

Education Scotland Wakelet – Health And Wellbeing Resources

Staff Health And Wellbeing

British Psychological Society – Supporting Re-Engagement And Recovery

Education Scotland – Professional Learning Activities  These Professional Learning Activities require a GLOW login and password.  Staff may find the Supporting Children And Young People Through Grief And Loss and Compassionate And Connected Community of particular interest.

BBC Documentary on the Science of Wellbeing

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