Colours On The Moooove With Room 8

The Magic Milk Experiment

The Magic Milk experiment has been a ton of fun! This science activity with milk and food colouring was great for Room 8.

Finding creative ways to hook the children, to intrigue them, and ignite their desire to want to learn more about a particular subject really drove me. The Dancing Milk science experiment is one of my favourite experiments to achieve this hook.

Not only is making milk dance fun for kids and adults to watch, but this easy and inexpensive activity also combines science and art.

Some very unusual interactions take place when we mixed a little milk, food colouring, and a drop of liquid soap. After an explosion of movement, everyone watched a beautiful, graceful dancing milk! We have had a lot of fun!

What happened?

Milk has fat in it and the food colouring floats on top of the fat. When we added the dish soap to the milk, the fat separated and moved making our magical milk art!


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