Celebrating Robert Burns with Room 12

To celebrate Robert Burns, Room 12 did some Scottish artwork. We looked at tartans and designed our own using Interactive Weaver (www.houseoftartan.co.uk). We had to select our colours, then the order they went in and the thread count. We have printed off our tartan designs and displayed them outside our classroom. We also took a copy home.
We made a 3D kilt for Robbie Burns! We had to cut out and colour the Burns figure and then choose from a variety of tartans to make a kilt, which we folded carefully and attached. We could also add a sporran (although this looked equally fabulous as a hat!!)
We made thistles using bubble wrap, purple wool and green paint. We chose from a selection of purples, trimmed the wool and glued it on to card, then we used a circle of bubble wrap to print the main part of the thistle with green paint. We think they look very effective!

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