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Schools and staff across Aberdeen City are in the process of planning and preparing for the return of their pupils to school in August.  This will be exciting news for a lot of our pupils but it may also be a time of apprehension for some of them too. To help support the transition from home back to school we thought it would be helpful to post some general transition resources and advice for use by both parents and teaching staff.


Elsa-support has a social story on going ‘Back to school’ after coronavirus and some back to school wellbeing question worksheets.

‘The Rainbow Classroom’ has produced two video social stories: ‘Going back to school’ and ‘What will school be like now?’

This is another social story on going back to school.

The following are links to pages on the Autism Toolbox and the National Autistic Society websites that relate to transition advice and resources.

The Reachout ASC website has a free collection of resources you can download.

The Autism Education Trust Transition Booklet has advice and practical strategies to support transitions. They also have a ‘Tools for Teachers Covid-19 Edition’ booklet which is free to download if you are registered with them.

The following links are visual transition supports from Communication Friendly Environments.

‘Guidance for teachers on transitioning autistic pupils back to school’ is a booklet that has been written and produced by the One Stop Shop Aberdeen and the Triple A’s Aberdeen. The Triple A’s are an entirely autism led peer support charity for people on the autistic spectrum.


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