Autism Outreach Service – Staff Resources (ASDinfoWales)

A lot of staff, particularly our mainstream colleagues, have been getting in touch asking for ideas on where to find relevant information and guidance to help them support the autistic children and young people in their school and classroom.

To support you in finding information more easily, we are pulling together relevant and appropriate guides, advice and resources from different sites that we, as a service, would recommend you take a look at.

We will be posting regularly so please keep checking back in to see what’s new!

We would also recommend that you browse through all the posts on this site as our colleagues at Orchard Brae School are posting lots of really useful and helpful ideas, resources and advice that are of benefit to all.

The links in this post are for ASD info Wales.

ASD info Wales is the Welsh national site for Autism. Although written from a Welsh perspective, we think you will find the general guides, videos, resources and advice helpful and relevant and easily adaptable to your setting.



The following links are for three booklets and three videos on the site that are general guides to supporting autistic children and young people in mainstream early years, primary and secondary settings.



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