Autism Outreach Service – Presentation: Behaviour as Communication


‘What is your child or young person’s behaviour trying to tell you?

A guide to resources, strategies and tips to support positive behaviour management.


Sometimes, when you have a child or young person with an additional support need, working out what they are trying to tell you can be difficult! Your child or young person may be beginning to develop some behaviours that challenge you or they may already have behaviours that challenge you. There are often complex reasons behind a child or young person’s behaviour and it is rarely anyone’s ‘fault’. All children and young people are different and there is often no single answer as to why the behaviours are happening. These behaviours can occur at any time, and in any place, but the strategies and supports that will help are the same no matter where, or when, the behaviour happens.

There is no ‘quick fix’ but hopefully this presentation will give you some ideas and advice and show you that there are lots of ways you can help and support your child or young person.

At the end of the presentation there are lots of links to additional resources that you may find useful!


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