Room 3 Christmas Outing

The pupils and staff in Room 3 headed into Aberdeen for our Christmas outing.  We travelled on the school bus and our first stop was the Bon Accord Centre where we spotted all sorts of different lights, trees and decorations while listening to Christmas music.

We tried out the smells of different candles in the Yankee shop and practised our skills in communicating which ones we liked and those we didn’t – our reactions were very clear!

We took a little trip to the Disney store to look at the toys, one pupil loved giving the teddies biiiiig hugs and we were all given a special sticker.

After that we wrapped up very warm to head out to the Winter Village!  There were lots of sights, sounds and smells to take in before we embarked on a little ice skating.  Everyone loved having a turn to whiz around the ice and there were big smiles!

We headed to the Recharge café for our well-needed lunch who gave us lots of help and even brought some lovely sensory toys for us to explore.  We enjoyed having some time to relax and socialise together.

Special thanks to the OB nursing team and Charlie House for their support in making our day out run so smoothly.


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