Work Hard, Play Hard in Room 15

Room 15 have had an extremely busy first few weeks back at school, working hard on our communication skills throughout the day and skills for regulation as well as jumping into our ASDANs for this year. At the start of the year we had a mini project to pop together a wee video for our former drama specialist Sam, and we’re very proud of the finished result!  You can find the video here:

Our ASDANs have focused on the positive relationships we have at school and beyond.  At the start of term we explored who is in our class and being able to recognise them and communicating our relationship with them – friend or teacher.  We’ve revisited communicating how we feel, and this year we have begun to explore recognising emotions using zones of regulation as well as character portrayals from the film “Inside Out” (and some fabulous acting from the staff team!).  We’ve explored what a good friend is through role play, and it has been wonderful to hear some of our learners applying this outside of school too.  We’ve explored what rules we have in school and matched signs around the building to our own pictures, then practiced following these rules around the school.  We’ve shared messages with our own in-class mail system.

The secret to Room 15 though is how much work we sneak in pretending to be play!  We’ve been building our focused and shared attention skills as well as spontaneous communication with bucket time, and we’ve had bubble machines, talking birds, a flying snitch and skateboarding dogs emerge from the bucket so far this term!  We’ve revisited our road safety skills practicing crossing the road as independently as possible.  In role play sessions we’ve pretended we’re at the fairground and the theme park, using our communication systems to share our experiences.  We’ve used daily group games to enhance our communication and team-work skills as well as showing fantastic progress with several numeracy skills (one of our learners has learned to say a new number, another is telling time to the hour with minimal prompting).

Well done Class 15! 

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