Wider World ASDAN

This term we have been working on an ASDAN module on the Wider World.  So far we have explored Scottish culture through the Whole School Burn’s Day activities. 

Then we researched famous people from different countries and more recently explored some musical instruments from around the world.  As well as watching video clips of the instruments being played, we learned about how some of them are made and some traditional dances to the music.  Over 5 weeks the pupils explored different instruments and made their own instruments from recycled materials. 

Then in the final week we explored the phenomenon that is the One-man-band! 

We aren’t finished the module yet, but wanted to share our hard work and awesome photos so far.  It’s been a fun topic to explore via Google classroom, with loads of positive feedback and giggly photos being shared.  Well done Room 19!

Here are some links to one-man-band video clips for you to enjoy:

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