Virtual Sports Day

Huge thanks to Amanda and Salvi, our PE teachers and Scott, Active Schools, for organising our Virtual Sports Day, and thanks to everyone that took part. Pupils and staff have been joining in over the course of the week to complete up to 8 challenges. It’s been fun seeing how you’ve been getting on, how things have been adapted to support our individual strengths, and also to see some healthy competition within your families! We hope you enjoy the photos. If you’ve not had a chance to get involved yet, why not try out some activities over the weekend, or even in the summer holidays?


Beat the Goalie

We set up our own goals and took on a challenge. The different options suggested were:

  1. Kick from further back
  2. Kick backwards
  3. Pass to someone before trying to score
  4. Kick blindfolded


Obstacle Course

Your challenge was to be creative and have fun, using various objects around the house and garden to build obstacles.



We practised throwing with different challenges for anyone finding it easy:

  1. Throw from further back
  2. Throw backwards
  3. Throw under leg
  4. Throw blindfold


Water Run

Always a popular activity on Sports Day, thankfully we’ve had some sunny weather! As you can see, some of us really entered into the spirit of things and got very wet! Trying out the different options, you can see we had some team work in action:

  1. As a team
  2. With obstacles
  3. With holes in the cup
  4. Add food colouring to water


Egg and Spoon

A sports day classic, this can be adapted by using a frying pan or plastic bowl instead of a spoon. All sorts of things can be improvised in place of an egg, such as a potato, a scrunched up sock, newspaper, and anything else you can think of!

The options included:

  1. Race against each other
  2. Add obstacles
  3. Time yourself



Our challenge was to practise bowling using empty plastic bottles as the target – a good way of re-using plastic. Keeping things safe for indoors, rolled up socks, a toilet roll or even a teddy were suggested alternatives to a ball.

Again, different options to increase the challenge:

  1. Bowl from further back
  2. Bowl from sitting
  3. Bowl standing
  4. Bowl blindfold



The only event I personally tried, again there were options to make things a bit more interesting:

  1. Have a race against each other
  2. Run backwards
  3. Shuttle run with toys
  4. Run with obstacles (hurdles)

One inventive Grandad even encouraged running by turning on the garden hose!


Tower Building

This activity allowed us to be even more creative, using any number of objects to:

  1. Build a tower and push it down
  2. Shuttle run to build a tower
  3. Build a tower as high as you can
  4. Build a tower as a team

It looks like good fun was had by all.

A fabulous effort! We hope you had fun. You’re all winners!

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