Up, Up, Up in Room 10!

Our flight study has continued exploring a new body study, this time “Up, Up, Up!” about flying in a hot air balloon.  We’ve interacted with this story through story massage, aided language boards and expressive arts and movement activities.  We’ve had parachute play to replicate our own hot air balloon ride too!

Our bucket time sessions have explore vocabulary from the story, we’ve aimed paper planes at targets, sat inside a “hot air balloon” in class, made a “bird” with mouldable soap and feathers and raced around the room on outdoor play equipment (thank you P.E.!).  We’ve also had some fabulously messy sensory play sessions – I’m sure there’ll be more of those!

Through all of these we have built fabulous extended attention and communication skills, transferring skills we developed from our last book study to a new context.

We’ve also had some seasonal fun added in there, with pancake themed activities for Pancake Day (including a pancake toss for bucket time!) and a Mother’s Day theme for bucket time at the moment – fingers crossed our game of “Don’t wake mum!” passes on the correct message for this weekend!

(Most of the resources mentioned above are on our Room 10 Google Classroom for families if you wish to continue this at home.)

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