Storytime In Room 3

Room 3 pupils have been having a great time exploring the story ‘Mrs Vicker’s Knickers, written by Kara Lebihan and illustrated by Deborah Allwright.

In the story, poor Mrs Vickers is pegging up her pretty pink knickers when a gust of wind whisks them up into the sky. Her pink frillies spiral away on the breeze, causing quite a commotion. They land on a fire-engine’s windscreen, get hooked over the traffic lights, twirl through a classroom, twist over the zoo and even round a rollercoaster. Finally Mrs Vickers’ knickers startle a parachutist who spins down to earth, crashing into Mrs Vickers’ washing-line and sending all her other knickers off on their own adventures.

Using Mrs Vicker’s knickers as their inspiration, we have been looking at movement and forces. This included using toy cars and ramps, creating artwork using salad spinners, pushing Big Macs, passing objects to our friends, feeling water spray on our faces.

Why don’t you have a look at all the fun we’ve been having!

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